The Verity Fellowship is founded on the true principle that Jesus is the center of Scripture and of life.

From Genesis to Revelation, God meant for us to see our desperate need for a Savior and His gracious provision of Jesus Christ. That's why, as Jesus walked along the Emmaus road with two disciples, he could look back through the Scriptures and explain all of the things concerning himself. This perspective helps us see that our Bible teaching needs to center on Jesus Christ and His gospel, always. We also believe that Jesus is the only One who deserves all of our service, so all of life centers on Him. These verities ground our ministry. 


Our Mission

In a day when women's discipleship and teaching can center on a variety of things, we want to remind women that the hope of the gospel from Scripture is what women need to hear. It alone has the power to change lives.

Thus, the Verity Fellowship is a gospel-centered ministry launched from Western Seminary, encouraging and equipping women to use Scripture well. 

This means we aren't afraid to study. We talk about theology. We work to think well. All so that we are better equipped to use the Bible to minister to those around us.


How to Get Involved in the Verity Fellowship


The Verity Fellowship gathers three times a year for teaching, edification and equipping.

The first two events are designed for any women who are using the Bible to minister to others- discipling, shepherding, teaching, writing for any others!

  • The Fall Conference features a plenary speaker and one break-out time for workshops. 
  • The Forum is a day of workshops designed to equip you for ministry and network you with others in your calling.

The third event is our Training.

  • This two day event is designed to help women teach the Bible well. Whether you've been teaching for decades or just starting out, it will remind you of the fundamentals of exposition and provide feedback regarding your teaching.

Find each of our events and access media from our previous ones on our events page.

The Verity blog is written to bring content that centers on Jesus throughout the year. Our blogs, which are posted (God-willing) at least weekly, are written with you in mind by women ministering in their own churches. We hope that they will encourage you as they point you to Jesus. You can easily subscribe to receive a weekly summary of the blogs in your email or check our blog authors. If you're interested in making a submission, you can email us for more information.

After the Verity events, we scatter in order to serve the Lord with great devotion, refreshed and better equipped. However, we want you to have connections during the interval to provide support and wisdom. You can do that by joining our Facebook group, following us on Twitter or Instagram, and joining the conversation in our comments on the blog.


Want to Learn More?

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