Needy for Your Prayers

Our third Verity Conference is happening this weekend and we can’t do it without God’s help. Would you please join us in praying for his fruitful work to be accomplished this week? Here’s how you can pray. 

Not All Pain is Gain

Conviction and condemnation. Do you find it easy to confuse the two? Both feel terrible, but they’re very different. Understanding what Scripture says about them equips us to follow Jesus with perseverance and joy.

I've Told My Child the Gospel, Now What?

Should we think about sharing the gospel with someone we meet on a plane and our children in the same way? Usually not. We have an ongoing relationship with the children in our lives and they are maturing over time. It's helpful to keep a few principles in mind when speaking the good news to children. 

Faith in the Face of Injustice

When I look around at the injustice committed against people around me, my heart breaks, and I want to yell. Sometimes as I pray, it seems that the work to bring full justice isn't coming quickly. Maybe you can relate. We're not alone. There is an example for us in the Scriptures, and the message of God to him is for us today.

How to Pick a Workshop

You have a choice coming up- what workshop to attend at the Verity Fall Conference. We're telling you now that it may be a hard choice, so we wanted to help prepare you with a few things to consider as you look ahead.

What to Expect from Fall Conference

You probably know that Susan Jahns in our plenary speaker for our coming conference. What you may not know is her love for Jesus, her passion for understanding how the Bible points to him, or the heartfelt prayers she is praying for you. When we asked Susan if she’d like to write a letter welcoming you to register for conference, she jumped at the chance. As you’ll see, the reasons we chose her are obvious.

Proverbs in the Right Place

Have you ever read Proverbs and thought, “I must be doing something wrong because things in my life aren’t working out the way the Bible promises they will?” If so, you’re not alone. The problem is, we have to read individual parts of the Bible in the light of the whole story – the story that points to Jesus. At our fall conference, Katie will teach a workshop on the one story of the Bible and how the individual parts fit into the bigger picture.

Church is Worth the Effort?

Why do we go to church? Sometimes it’s out of a sense of obligation. Sometimes it’s to find community. Or maybe it makes us feel better about ourselves. Do we need to go to church? Aren’t there many other ways to meet with God? Hebrews 10 teaches us about God’s design for the church, and gives us compelling reasons for not missing out.

Stuck in the Middle of Unresolved Suffering, Part 2

When there's no end in sight to our suffering, how do we walk faithfully with Jesus? Picking up where Part 1 left off (our position of trust in the God we've come to know), in Part 2 we’ll examine what we do with our grief, holding our faith in tandem with a recognition of our sorrow and a petition for God's help, all while knowing (spoiler alert) our rescue is certain. 

Stuck in the Middle of Unresolved Suffering, Part 1

In a story, a lack of resolution is really uncomfortable for us. Even worse is when we suffer in real-life without any apparent purpose or end in sight. We struggle to even wrap our minds around unresolved suffering because we’ve put our faith in a God who promises he’s infinitely good. When we're stuck in the middle of unresolved suffering, there's hope for us in Psalm 88.

"I Just Want to Know Jesus Better."

Jesus commands us to make disciples. That sounds scary, though, and I’ve never known where to start. It's always seemed like such an intimidating task. But once I actually started discipling a young woman, I realized that it only seemed daunting because I had been trying to take the lead. Everything changed when I realized that the Lord would lead me and show me what to do. And it was Jesus, not me, that she needed anyway. 

Why Talk Sin?

Sin. It's a topic we often feel is best avoided. It can feel invasive, intense, or even rude. It's certainly not a politically or socially correct topic of conversation. But by avoiding the topic of sin, are we actually short-changing ourselves? What if talking about sin helps us talk about Jesus?

When Death is Life

Death truly is the last enemy. It haunts the lives of unbelievers – threatening eternal separation from God at every moment. But, as the thief on the cross shows us, even in a sinner’s last breath there is hope.

Naturally Out of Place

Have you ever felt out of place at your worship service? Sometimes it’s hard to know where you fit with everyone else. The worship scene described in Revelation 4-5 shows you that you belong with your brothers and sisters around the throne of God.

We've Got Heart Problems

Your heart is the core of who you are—your personality, feelings, hopes, dreams, and motivations.  But as humans, we’ve had heart problems from the very beginning. In Luke 6, Jesus gives us a way to gauge the condition of our hearts, whether they're good or bad, by examining the fruit our hearts bear. Read on to find out how Jesus redefines "good" and "bad" from what we've always thought they were, and gives us the key to live in the way he commands us.

Will God Provide?

Do you ever worry about what’s going to happen? Are worst-case-scenarios always on your mind? Even though you know the truth, do you functionally fear that God won’t provide what you need? If so, then the Verity Fall Conference is for you. Here’s why…

Friends of Jesus If...

Jesus describes his followers as friends. Are you friends with Jesus? What does it even mean to be Jesus’s friend?  Friendship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is a high calling, but there’s one way we can know for certain we are friends with Jesus.