When Death is Life

Death truly is the last enemy. It haunts the lives of unbelievers – threatening eternal separation from God at every moment. But, as the thief on the cross shows us, even in a sinner’s last breath there is hope.

Naturally Out of Place

Have you ever felt out of place at your worship service? Sometimes it’s hard to know where you fit with everyone else. The worship scene described in Revelation 4-5 shows you that you belong with your brothers and sisters around the throne of God.

We've Got Heart Problems

Your heart is the core of who you are—your personality, feelings, hopes, dreams, and motivations.  But as humans, we’ve had heart problems from the very beginning. In Luke 6, Jesus gives us a way to gauge the condition of our hearts, whether they're good or bad, by examining the fruit our hearts bear. Read on to find out how Jesus redefines "good" and "bad" from what we've always thought they were, and gives us the key to live in the way he commands us.

Will God Provide?

Do you ever worry about what’s going to happen? Are worst-case-scenarios always on your mind? Even though you know the truth, do you functionally fear that God won’t provide what you need? If so, then the Verity Fall Conference is for you. Here’s why…

Friends of Jesus If...

Jesus describes his followers as friends. Are you friends with Jesus? What does it even mean to be Jesus’s friend?  Friendship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is a high calling, but there’s one way we can know for certain we are friends with Jesus.

How to Love a Blemished Bride, Part 2

The church is the bride of Christ, but let’s face it, she’s a bride who carries some serious baggage. Every believer is a part of her, but that doesn’t make it easy to know how to love this blemished bride. Here are some potential ways to do just that.

Fall Conference is Coming

Right now, summer stretches ahead of us, full of freedom and adventures. But before you know it, back-to-school sales will start, there will be a nip in the air, and it will be time for Verity’s Fall Conference. Even now, you should plan space in your schedule to attend. Let me tell you why.

How to Love a Blemished Bride, Part 1

You love Jesus, but when you look at the church, all you see are problems. Hypocrisy. Selfishness. Meanness. And the truth is…you’re right. The church has some major problems. But before you turn your back on the church, consider what the book of Hosea reveals about the matter.

The Face of Esau and the Face of God - Jacob, Part 3

When studying the Bible, one of the lessons I’ve learned over the years is to look at a passage in different versions. This keeps my reading fresh, and sometimes it causes me to think about a translation issue when I remember the wording in a different version. This lesson was brought home to me recently as I was preparing to teach on Jacob’s reunion with his brother Esau (Gen. 32-33).

Cling to Christ - Jacob, Part 2

Right after Jacob finally confessed his total dependence on the Lord (Part 1), he wrestles with God again. I've always wondered why Jacob would pursue such a fruitless endeavor. When I delved into this weird story, I realized there's a right way for Jacob - and us - to wrestle with God, and it might just further solidify our dependence on him.

Exposition Is For Women, Too.

Too often we’re tempted to keep women’s ministries “fluffy.” But what if the whole intent of the Bible is to minister truth to us? What if we short-change women by not teaching and preaching intently from the Word? When we embrace a serious study of the Word, we will see women grow and flourish. We will show them that God’s Word is powerful, life-changing, and attainable for all.

When Friends Question Doctrine

What do we do when a friend tells us they’re still a Christian, but they don’t believe in going to church?  Or maybe they let it slip that they believe everyone will ultimately be saved? These moments are exceedingly challenging. How do we love our friends through these crises of faith? 

Four Steps Towards Connection

We are not in Kindergarten anymore. Making “best friends” is not as easy as it used to be.  Paul tells Titus to teach men and women to pursue intimate, discipleship relationships, so that they would display the beauty and power of the gospel. But how do we do this? Read on for some practical steps to take in pursuit of connection.

In Pursuit of Connection

Have you ever felt all alone in a crowded room? Were you surprised when that crowded room was your church? I was. Yet, there’s a biblical model that has us enjoying intimate, intergenerational friendships that ground us in the gospel.

The Waiting Game

We’re always waiting for something. Sometimes we have to wait for big things, like a spouse or a job. Even when we aren’t waiting for big things, we’re always waiting for small things, like the weekend or that person to get back to us. How do we find peace amidst the tension of all this waiting, and how can we redeem that time?

So, How Was ETW?

Two full days of instruction and feedback may seem intimidating. But when the Word of God is spoken, the Spirit moves. What could have been an overwhelming weekend of instruction was instead a weekend of seeing Jesus over and over again, and growing together in love and unity.