The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

Berries, Kale, and Jesus at the Center

Berries, Kale, and Jesus at the Center

A blog can be like a vegetable garden. Not mine right now, mind you. Currently my garden is an ugly mud pit that I like to pretend isn’t behind my house. But in the summer the garden is overflowing with all kinds of gifts! Beautiful flowers that encourage and help me look at the world through a different lens. Lettuce, sweet peas, and carrots that are very practical, because I can use them with any dinner when I need a little help filling the plates.

Then there’s the berries. Oh the berries! (When my husband can’t find me, I’m usually out snitching berries in the yard.) They are sweet gifts, helping me rejoice for the good things we’ve been given. There’s also the kale, green beans, and cabbage that my husband wishes would die and never make it to our plates. But it’s healthy and helps us grow, even if it’s not your favorite. 

Are you following my silly analogy?

Sometimes I see our Verity blog like a garden. In the last four months, we’ve engaged on a variety of topics- teaching, discipleship, evangelism, perseverance, the Christian life, current event issues, Biblical interpretation.  Some posts have brought tears- to mourn the brokenness of life and rejoice in hope- changing my day like a bouquet would. Others have been deeply encouraging, like berries. (But berries always make me happy. Is that a normal thing?) Certain ones are very practical, useful for the day. Others perhaps were more theological, long, and felt a little more like the string beans and kale. (Although there are always those for whom the theological posts ARE the berries)

As we move forward into the new year, we’re expanding our authors, and we’re planning our 2016 events. As we look at the blog, we want to take a minute and ask you, what has helped you?

Is there something you’d like to hear more about?

Are there certain topics you’d like to see?

Do you like the kale?  

Which kinds were like berries or bouquets for your soul?

Our desire at the Verity Fellowship is to encourage and equip women to use the Scripture well. That’s who we are. We especially want to speak to you who are ministering to others in whatever roles to which the Lord has called you. And we want to do all of this while centering on Jesus. His centrality is the verity on which we are founded.

With that said, what are you thinking? Let us know in the form below.

Tell us if there's something you're dying to read about.
Tell us which have been "berries."
What kinds of blogs are helpful for you?
How often do you start a post and not finish it?
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Inviting You to the Verity Forum

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