The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

Inviting You to the Verity Forum

Inviting You to the Verity Forum

Confession time: I’ve dreamed about our last fall conference.

I had such a great time with you ladies. I remember the Scripture coming alive as we heard it, the sweet fellowship together, the great discussion during workshops and the panel, the new friends singing all together. I had a blast. (And I don’t mean anything related to a cold, arctic blast… if you catch my drift. Oh my goodness, it was hot!)

Lucky for us, our next event is coming up! Our spring event, Verity Forum, is happening on May 7th.  (It won’t be in the 90’s, I promise.)  It’s a day of workshops to encourage you in the gospel and to further equip you for your ministry task.  Here’s what you’ll get: Practical training from experienced leaders, teaching that will remind you of what Christ has done, encouragement from ministry-specific small group discussions, and worship with women from across the Northwest!

Want to know some details? This is what you’ll see.

1.  Hear the Word and Sing His Praise

We know that in the skirmishes to further the Kingdom, we can easily get weary. Our hearts don’t just need more ideas on what to do, but we need the word of God to assure and strengthen us.  We will hear a brief encouragement from the Scriptures as we begin and will close with an opportunity to respond in song.

2.  Workshops Tracks

Then we launch into our workshop extravaganza! We have women leaders coming to teach interactive workshops on a variety of topics, but focused into four great tracks for you:

• Teaching the Bible
• Discipleship for All
• Quality Bible Study
• Gospel Ministry for Each Heart

Workshops will be taught by experienced, local women who have walked the road of ministry. You will be able to choose the workshops that best fit your needs, both personally and in ministry. Each track contains three workshops, brimming with content and discussion. Though we’ll ask you for your ministry track preference when you register, we won’t chaperone your choices. We know it will be hard to choose! So if you bounce around in workshops from different tracks, we won’t tell.

Each workshop will offer practical strategies in ministry that are rooted in the Scriptures and centered on Jesus. In the end, we want to be women who use the Bible well in whatever we’re doing. We’ll be talking about how to do that together.

Details on the titles, teachers and descriptions of each workshop can be read on our Forum event page.

3.  Be with Your People

We know there’s something special about being with people who are like you. “Birds of a feather flock together” and all that. We want to give you time to share your own wisdom, ideas, and questions. We value the input you bring! So here’s what we’re going to do: there will be small group opportunities to talk with women who have walked in your shoes. Women pouring into children, teaching the Bible, leading a women’s ministry, writing, and much more.

4.  Oh, the Books…

We love books but not so much that we’d keep them all for ourselves. Book recommendations, books to buy, and book GIVEAWAYS!!! Who doesn’t love a great raffle?! We’ll keep you posted on the titles that will be coming just for you! It’s ok. You can admit it. The book giveaway is your favorite part of all Verity events.

We’re counting down the days to see you. Registration begins (God-willing) February 15th. How many days is that? Not that far away! 

Downloadable media from Verity Form 2016 is available on the event page.

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