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Recap: Verity Conference 2016

Recap: Verity Conference 2016

When Passion Meets the Workday

Have you ever had an experience that leaves you awe-inspired, eager to get to action with your newfound passion? Isn't it even more exciting when God uses that newfound passion to grow you in your workday?

My passion was immediately ignited as I heard and saw women of all walks of life experience the power of God's Word taught from a Christ-Centered view.

Last year I attended my first Verity Conference. It wasn't just any old day for me when I entered the building. I was facing a weekend leaving my 3-year-old, who was going through some newly-found, major health issues in someone else's care. I was an emotional wreck, and not exactly looking forward to spending the weekend listening to some shallow teaching at another event for women. And guess what? God didn't have that in store for me! Instead, I spent the weekend completely and totally focused on in-depth, meaty biblical training. My passion was immediately ignited as I heard and saw women of all walks of life experience the power of God's Word taught from a Christ-Centered view. Fast forward a year, and my passion has continued to be to see women trained in this way, and God has opened up a way for me to be able to serve on the Verity Team! Now my passion is played out in my everyday work, and I am here to share with you about the Verity Conference from a back-stage view.

The Joy of Mary’s Sessions

At our second conference, we had an excellent time meditating on God's Grace in Deuteronomy. Mary Willson was faithful to the Word and showed us God’s faithfulness. She pointed each of us to God's grace to the Israelites, in spite of the repeated hardening of their hearts and opened our eyes to the foreshadowing of the same grace he shows us today under the New Covenant.

After each message, we took a short time to discuss the context of what she shared, as well as how to apply it better to our lives. This was a deeply impacting time. For many this is when the concept of how the Old Testament points forward to Christ and the New Covenant took root. The excitement was palpable.

Many women mentioned after the conference that they were overjoyed to have had such deep, Christ-centered teaching at a women's conference. We truly got to dig in and see so much more than many of the women had ever seen before in Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy is not weird, we all decided.

One King, One Family

You see, we weren't divided by social standings, we were united mind and spirit through the blood of Christ.

Women of all walks of life come together as one body at Verity. I witnessed older women fellowshipping with younger women, people from Tennessee bonding with ladies from Portland, and some gals from BC were able to worship Christ in song with those from Washington. You see, we weren't divided by social standings, we were united mind and spirit through the blood of Christ. I was personally able to share tears and hugs with a young mom going through some of the same life struggles that I had once gone through. We were able to share our dependency on Christ as we bonded over this time of hurt.

Why I Would Never Skip the Workshops

Before sharing a lunch, we were able to break into workshops and each be taught in smaller groups. Katie Roberts did an outstanding job of showing her class how to see Christ in the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible). Along with several other passages that the workshop spent time looking at, Katie pointed to John 5:45-47, where Jesus outright says that Moses wrote about him! The workshop attendees were able to clearly see how in the time of the Old Covenant, people were saved by faith in their coming king, just as we are saved by faith in our risen and reigning king.

Katie's workshop flowed seamlessly with the weekend's focus on God's grace in Deuteronomy. For some, seeing Jesus throughout Scripture may not be a new concept, but for those of us Verity women who are new to it, it was clear we didn’t need to be intimidated! You can hear her workshop, as well as the others, on our event page soon!

Many other eye-opening things were shared between the workshops led by Adrienne Lawrence, Taylor Turkington, Whitney Woollard, and Katie, as well as the plenary sessions taught by Mary.

Books, Books and More Books

Book sales and book giveaways are becoming a staple at Verity events. This time, we gave away over 320 books. In fact, every single woman got to take at least one book home with her for free! (Thank you, generous publishers). During the giveaway, it was exciting to see women racing to the front to be the first to lay her hands on the commentaries before anyone else could. What is so exciting about the books is that it provides a way for women to take what they have learned and apply it to their own lives and ministries.

Overall, it was a Christocentric weekend of worshiping and growing together with other women. Many women are applying what they learned in their own ministry contexts right now and many women are already antsy to get to the Verity Forum that is coming up on January 14. Just as I was consumed with digging into and learning about the Word when I came to my first conference, I invite you to invest in the next Verity event you can. I believe that you, too, will find the time to be edifying and that you won't be disappointed.

Here’s what a few of the other women said:

"Verity is not like other conferences. It's not the hype and excitement followed by periods of depression from the condemnation or the shallowness of an unchanged heart. It is a theological adventure and encouragement. Verity is planting seeds to continue engaging with the passages covered, topics discussed, or books/resources made available in an even deeper way."

"Mary's talks were truly life-changing."

"I feel more prepared to share the gospel with these tools."

"I wish it was longer...can't wait for January!"

Don’t let another Verity event pass you by. Join us!

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