The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

What is ETW?

What is ETW?

When we decided to launch the Verity Fellowship two and a half years ago, we wanted to do many things.  

  • We wanted to build a community of women who labored in the Kingdom who together focused on Jesus at the center of life and ministry.  
  • We knew that would lift our eyes off ourselves, encourage us, and set our ministry philosophies straight.  
  • We wanted to equip women to use the Bible in their discipleship, mentoring, shepherding.  
  • We wanted to offer theological workshops and practical instruction sessions.  
  • We wanted women to know they are gifted and valuable in the work God is doing and offer what we could to help them serve. 

And… we wanted to help women in their Bible teaching. What made us giddy? Envisioning a room of women who consistently taught the Bible to groups, gathered with their peers. I mean, we had dreams about a shindig of lady bible teachers. It had us brainstorming in the middle of the night how to further equip women to teach well. This is the carrot that kept us running.  

We believe that women can teach the Bible well, and they should! We love it when women work hard, use their gifts, study, prepare, and speak from God’s Word. So, three years after our first enthusiastic prayers for an event for women Bible teachers, we will have our first Exposition Training Weekend (ETW). We’re over the moon about this, and we think you’ll be excited as well. (Actually, we think you should ask for it for Christmas!) 

Let’s break down what ETW is. 


We’re calling it an “exposition” training weekend to help you understand our focus. There are multiple ways to teach the Bible. We can teach topically, from our own experience and testimony, or from a Christian book. Exposition is a distinct method which derives the point of our message from a specific Bible text.  

We will meditate on how to speak not only to the head but also to the heart.

This weekend will be focused on how to teach a Bible passage. With great joy, we will dig into the Scriptures together, knowing that as we say what the Bible says, God will speak. We’ll have instruction on structure and plan. We’ll be reminded that our own exegesis will feed how we explain the passage. We will discuss how all of exposition centers on the work of Jesus and positions itself to bring about application of God’s truth. We will meditate on how to speak not only to the head but also to the heart. We’ll brainstorm illustration principles and delivery tips. These are the core elements of exposition- our own exegesis that explains, illustrates, and applies the text to ourselves and our hearers. 


At the Verity Fellowship, we talk about how we have a Conference in the fall. This event focuses on a plenary speaker who brings the Word of God for us and provides a valuable example of exposition. We have a Forum which is a day of practical workshops filled with theology, Bible teaching, and instruction. Finally, now we have a Training.  

Let me tell you, this aspect of receiving helpful feedback is solid gold. 

This is a Training in that it’s not a day where you just attend, but you must participate. We will have instruction times, but we will also have discussions. In addition, each member of ETW will prepare a message on an assigned text before they arrive. We’ll each be teaching an exposition to the group and be receiving helpful feedback on how we did. We think this is a rare and wonderful opportunity! I’ve been teaching for years and rarely get to do it in an atmosphere where other teachers can give me feedback to help me grow. Let me tell you, this aspect of ETW is solid gold. 


This is not something that can be done in an evening. Thus, this event will take place over two days. From 6pm on Thursday, May 18- to noon Saturday, May 20, we will be together in Portland, Oregon. (Ok, we’ll let you sleep and make sure you’re fed.) We will have time to get to know each other, time for discussion, time to learn, time to pray for each other. All the women who come to the Exposition Training Weekend must attend a previous workshop put on by the Simeon Trust to help prepare all of us for our time together. The effort is not minimal to come. The two days will be intense. Yet, we believe the payoff will be immense.  

Whether you’ve been expositing the Bible for years or are new to it, this will be a time in community to reground yourself and be encouraged. Please don’t be intimidated if you’re a beginner. Everyone has to start somewhere and all of us have more to learn. Those dreams of lady Bible teachers gathered to better proclaim the Word of God are about to come true, and we want you to consider being there. 

The Exposition Training Weekend is May 18-20, 2017. Due to the nature of the event, registration will be capped at 20 women this year. We recommend registering for it soon. Read more about ETW on our event page and email us to receive the formal registration link.  


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