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Spread the Word about Verity Conference 2016!

Spread the Word about Verity Conference 2016!

Fall is going to be here before we know it! Hard to imagine as I look out my window and see hot sun, blue skies and grass that’s growing a foot a day. But it will be here in no time. Dreaded news for you sun-lovers and students, but great news for everyone who gets to come to the Verity Conference this fall—God’s Grace in Deuteronomy.

Here’s why:

1. You Get to be Reminded of God’s Magnificent Grace.

Just like our desire for food and water, our need to hear the good news of what Christ has done never goes away. This is the way God designed us. It is the gospel that changes us, enabling us to love God and others. It’s the gospel that reminds us of the character of our heavenly Father. It is the gospel that brings us joy!

This is why Verity Fellowship has asked Mary Willson to come and speak to us on October 7-8, 2016. Mary is an incredibly gifted woman whose entire life – her teaching and her character – are permeated with the love of Christ. She will be showing us God’s grace and the promise of the Messiah from the book of Deuteronomy. Her teaching will greatly encourage your heart.

2. You Will Be Better Able to Minister to Others.

As you all know, having the gospel poured into your heart will give you exactly what you need to give to others. But in addition to that natural effect, you will also be intentionally equipped to minister the good news to others. Mary will explain the ways in which she’s getting to Christ from Deuteronomy, so you’ll be able to do the same. We’ll also have various workshops from which you can choose to learn more. When you go back to your place of ministry, whether that’s the church or your own home, you will be able to teach about the Bible in even more effective ways.

3. You Will Have Fellowship and Fun.

You and I were created for community with God and with one another. That’s why you always feel encouraged and known when you leave a (good) gathering of women who follow Christ just like you do. When you come to Verity Conference, you’ll be talking with, worshipping with, and learning with other women who are in the same boat as you. It is our desire to connect you with likeminded women, so that you can pray for one another and encourage one another as you go out to minister to others. Connections can be formed that will change your life and can even have a tremendous impact on the work of ministry.

So Save the Date – Oct. 7-8

I could come up with innumerable reasons for you to set aside Oct. 7-8 this fall.  Verity Conference is a unique and rare opportunity to hear from a woman few in the Northwest will ever have. But even more importantly, like all Verity events, the conference will be centered on Jesus.  He is the one who will meet you there – and he will fill you up with his love and wisdom, so that you can pour it out to others. We look forward with joy to seeing you there!

Verity Conference registration is now open. See more information on our event page.

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