The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

Should I Come?

Should I Come?

Registration for the Verity Conference begins next week! Are you curious about whether or not it's for you?

"Should I come? Will I fit? Is this for me?" 

Those are questions we all ask when we look at an event invitation. Those are questions we've been asked many times from people looking at our Verity Conferences. Here's how we'd answer those questions.

Do You Want to Use the Scriptures Well?

You read your Bible. Perhaps you study it, even in Greek and Hebrew... or not. You care about the words of this book and know it takes intentional work to read, interpret, and communicate it well. You want to grow in your understanding of how each book fits in the story of God, and you want to use your knowledge to benefit others. 

In light of that, maybe you do one of the following to serve the people around you.

Do You Write as Your Ministry?

Maybe you write a blog or devotionals or the monthly church newsletter. You put your thoughts down on paper (well… a screen most likely) to help others grow. We want to support you—what you write matters. Whatever you write about, eventually it will come back to what Jesus has done for us. Come get new ideas from other writers. Be spurred on to use your gift.

Do You Disciple Others?

Perhaps you pour into others, helping them grow through one on one conversations or group meetings. It could be high school disciples you meet with consistently or a team of adults you guide-- either way your words bring comfort and exhortation and truth. You likely give a lot to others. Come and be encouraged and reminded yourself that in Jesus we find grace for sin and exhortation for life.

Do You Shepherd?

Your life is often full of messy situations. You are not afraid to talk about the sin, the brokenness, the struggles and pain going on around us, often hidden by facades and fake-happy faces. You walk into others’ lives knowing that the strong love of Jesus brings hope. Come enjoy teaching that celebrates this truth and speaks to how this fleshes out in our ministries.

Do You Lead Women's Ministry at Your Church?

You are the person in charge of planning the women's ministry in your church—events for fellowship, for teaching, and for worship.  You think of ways to encourage your women to come.  You oversee Bible teachers and small group leaders.  We want you to have renewed passion for your calling.  Come and enjoy the beauty of our Savior and fresh encouragement for your ministry.

Do You Teach and Preach the Bible?

The Lord has gifted you to understand his Word and to teach it to others.  You spend time studying and preparing talks, relating it to the cross.  You pray for your audience, asking the Lord to help you come up with real-life application that will transform your listeners as they see how the gospel applies to all of life. Come and receive new insights into God's Word as we celebrate how all of the Scriptures testify of Christ.  

Do You Facilitate a Bible Study or Lead a Small Group?

You are the woman who loves to gather a group and walk through the scriptures together. You look at curriculum. You prepare and ask the questions, praying that God will grow your group as you study together. You know that how you lead the discussion will teach your group how to read the Scriptures. Come and be encouraged by seeing gospel in whatever Scripture you discuss and be rejuvenated for your ministry.

Do You Teach the Bible to Children?

You are someone who fearlessly stands in front of a Sunday School class of 6 year olds and reveals the beauty of God’s book to their inquisitive minds. Or maybe you’re a mom who works to communicate the Bible to your children each day. You want them to understand the narratives, the love of God, and the provision of Jesus for their own salvation. You’re a teacher; come and be encouraged in your ministry to these little ones.

Are You a Woman Who Wants to Do These Things?

We welcome you to all the Verity Fellowship events to be further equipped and encouraged if you are serving in these roles or not. We know that seasons and stages change our involvement. Or perhaps you are still learning and curious about our Savior who is the center of the Bible and our lives. You are welcome.

Verity Conference 2016 will be held on October 7-8th at Hinson Church. Read more about the conference on the event pageRegistration is now open! 

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