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3 Rumors about Mary Willson

3 Rumors about Mary Willson

There’s been some serious whispering going on. I’ve heard it slipped in as side comments in a conversation.  Extra text messages have communicated juicy tidbits. Phone calls have veered into the scuttlebutt with enthusiasm. But, truly, it’s my favorite kind of rumors.

It’s buzz about God using someone. It’s sweet gossip about the gifts and character of a certain disciple of Jesus who continues to point to his greatness. I haven’t been contacted with so many personal stories about one person in a long time. It seems like everyone I talk to wants to tell me a story about the influence of Mary Willson and their excitement that she is coming to Verity Conference 2016.

Here’s the scoop I’ve heard through the grapevine.

1. She Knows Where the Power Is

I’ve heard that when she teaches, she knows what she’s bringing. Her belief that the truth of the Bible changes people and the Spirit speaks through his Word is evident in her speaking. There’s no holding back. She’s ready for us to hear from God.

Wonder if the rumor is true? Go listen to her recent message from TGCW 16. I have had multiple women tell me about how God used it in their lives. One woman who heard her in person said:

When Mary spoke, she had such strong confidence in God that it was like her words were burning through all the cares I had brought with me and piercing me straight through my heart. Extremely powerful and convicting.

I listened to chunks of it through the live stream as I worked from home. I found myself saying “Amen, sister” out loud to my empty house.

She taught the Word knowing there was power in it. The Spirit spoke, giving supernatural authority, like He does when people trust in the power of the Scriptures. I’m ready to hear some of that.


2. She’s Not Afraid to Hit the Issues

With a workshop title like “Is God a Misogynist?” it’s hard to doubt this gossip. There are passages in Scripture that many of would rather avoid. Not this scholar. She heads right in and reveals to us the God who does not need protection from his own Scriptures. His character is evident. (In case you’re unclear- the answer is-- No, He is not a misogynist.)

When you listen to this one you’ll hear some proof of the other claim I’ve heard-- She’s hilarious. Don’t take it from me. Listen to the workshop to get the lowdown.


3. She Will Teach Us Well

This woman is finishing her Ph.D. in the Old Testament at the moment. She’s well read, well studied, and experienced at leading people through the Bible. I hear sitting under her teaching is a treat.

Here’s a quote from one woman who heard her live:

Mary Willson does what all good Bible teachers should! She stays closely bound to Scripture in order to let the beauty and relevance of God’s Word speak into the age-old and current, even controversial, issues of our day. She confidently and clearly exposits the immediate truth of each text while being careful to include a gospel-centered lens to reveal the ultimate Story behind each story or passage. While she doesn’t shy away from strong calls to live distinctly Christian lives of holiness, she is careful to ground and motivate those calls in our blood-bought identity, power and purpose that we possess in Christ.

Mary is doggedly faithful to utilize and rely on the import of each passage to do its intended, Spirit-wrought work in the lives of those she ministers to.

We’re going to hear Deuteronomy taught, and I’m confident Mary will take us through great insights from Moses’ sermons. Yet, she won’t leave us to only ponder what it meant to the Israelites. She will bring the truth to bear on our own lives, tying the teaching to Jesus Christ and grounding us in the gospel.


Is October here yet?!

I’ve heard all kinds of other wonderful rumors about her that I’m pretty sure are also true. We’re going to enjoy time with her at our Verity Conference 2016, and the result will be a greater love for Deuteronomy and our Savior. I’m ready to learn from her and verify all that I’ve heard .

The Verity Conference will be held October 7-8th. Mary Willson will be teaching “God’s Grace in Deuteronomy” as our plenary speaker. Check out more information on our event page. Registration is now open!

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