The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

Prayers for the Conference

Prayers for the Conference

The Verity Fellowship Conference is this Friday and Saturday!  Where has the time gone? We are so excited to see you there!

Please pray for our volunteers, our teachers, for the hearts of the women who come, and for the fruit of the gospel to go out for the glory of Jesus.

Whether you are coming or not, would you please pray for our time together? We know from Scripture that the Lord hears and answers our prayers. Jesus has given us access to the very throne of God. He welcomes us as daughters and wants us to make our requests known to him. He loves to answer generously!

Here are some prayer ideas:

1. Please pray for our volunteers

Please pray for the team of women working hard to make Verity Fellowship happen. They are investing their time and energy in hospitality, logistics, blogging, social media, catering, etc. We are so thankful for the Lord’s provision of these women! Our request is that he would bless their efforts and bring everything together for the conference. Ask the Lord to give them strength, endurance, and encouragement.

2. Please pray for our teachers

Please pray for Mary Willson, our speaker, and our workshop teachers, Adrienne, Katie, Taylor and Whitney. Mary Willson has already been a great gift to Verity as she gets ready to come and teach. She is humble, approachable, intelligent, insightful and, best of all, she loves the gospel of grace! Please pray that she would be given every resource to proclaim God’s grace to us from the book of Deuteronomy. Pray that her words would be attended by the power of the Spirit, so we see Jesus and are changed.

We are also grateful for our workshop teachers. Each one has worked hard to bring the women who attend content that will enable them to use their Bibles well. Each one focuses on Christ at the center of all of Scripture. Please pray that the teachers would be able to present the material succinctly and clearly. Ask that the women who come would have those “Aha!” moments that come when we see how the Bible fits together. Pray that they would be able to take what they learn and minister it to others.

3. Please pray for the women who come

Please pray for the women who are coming. Pray that he would give us hearts ready to learn and to be encouraged with the good news of what Jesus has done. We want the Lord to both strengthen us in their own walk with him and to equip us to minister the Bible even better to others. Pray that the time at Verity would be refreshing to the hearts of the women who attend.

4. Please pray for the fruit

Please pray for fruit to be produced! Our prayer is always that the teaching of the gospel will revive the hearts of the women who hear it, so that they are overflowing with the joy of what they have been given in Christ. We want them to take it back to their churches and teach it to others. We pray for revival among the women of the Northwest for the glory of Jesus!

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