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The Day the Snow Won

The Day the Snow Won

When Our Plans Get Buried  

We were supposed to gather on Saturday. There was going to be hugs, new friends, singing, and Susan’s famous cookies. We were going to praise our good God together as Anna led us in worship. Katie would to teach us from Jesus’ words regarding abiding in him. Then seven women would pour out their hearts and wisdom as they taught workshops on art and the Bible and discipleship and suffering.  

But that didn’t happen.  

Instead, last Wednesday I woke up to more than 12 inches of snow in my back yard. It didn’t go away. Our plans were buried under more snow than I’d ever seen in Portland. 

We had prayed and planned and anticipated… and snow? More snow than Portland has had since 1943, the news just told me today.  

His Plans, Not Ours 

It’s strange when you’ve been praying and planning for something for so long. A year ago, we began talking about Verity Forum 2017. Eight months ago, we chose the date, and we’ve been leaning into it ever since. As the Verity team discussed what happened, Katie said it was like a pregnant woman being told at 40 weeks that she was going to have to wait.  

Waiting ... is part of trusting a faithful God.

Isn’t that the way things work though? All of us can attest to our desired timing misaligning with reality. And we see the pattern echoed in the history of the people of God as they longed for something but had to wait. Waiting is part of human life. It is part of trusting a faithful God. His plans rule, and we trust that he is working things out for our good and his glory. 

We do trust him. And we are incredibly thankful for warning, for weather reports, that people are safe, and that we can postpone the event. We are so glad we can reschedule! So here’s our new plan. God-willing, we will wait almost four months to gather. Then gather we shall and it will be worth the wait! 

May 6, 2017 

That’s the date. Did you catch it? May 6, 2017. Put it on your calendars, share it with your friends, announce it in your Bible studies. The first Saturday in May will be our Verity Forum 2017.  

So, again, we are expecting great things. We are focused and praying. We cannot wait to be with you all! God has been so kind -  all of our workshop speakers are able to make it. (Coordinating with seven busy women, even one who lives on the east coast, is not easy.) All of our key leaders and staff can be there. And we pray that all of you can be there as well. Actually, we’re praying that even more than those of you who were planning on coming will join us. 

He Loves Us 

This wasn’t the weekend for us to meet. Why? We don’t know, but we do expect that he is doing something. We look towards our next date and wonder who he is bringing that he wanted there. Who would only come if it was on a different weekend? We daydream about what unity and fellowship he is preparing us for. What does he need to teach us before we gather? We think about his promise that our efforts will bear much fruit. Which hearts are going to be changed as you share what you learn on May 6?  

Pray with us, please. Pray that he will teach us to center on Jesus, even as we wait to be together. Then, invite another woman to come who you think is ready to be encouraged and equipped. Maybe she is one for whom the date was changed. 

And as you pray, pray for Portland. Pray for the people out in the cold. Pray for those without coats and without money to pay for heat. Pray for those whose loss of working days is devastating. We’ll pray as we wait.

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