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Recap: Verity Conference 2017

Recap: Verity Conference 2017

Verity Conference 2017 is in the books! 

Last Friday night and Saturday, we were blessed to offer the third Verity Conference. And what a weekend!  

The weekend was Christ-centered and edifying in a way that many of us have longed for since the last Verity event.

From fabulous plenary sessions, to encouraging and practical workshops, to singing truths about our magnificent God, the weekend was Christ-centered and edifying in a way that many of us have longed for since the last Verity event.  

Did you miss the event? Don't despair – we will have the audio available in a few weeks. In the meantime, how about looking over the highlights of the weekend?  

  • God faithfully used the main speaker, Susan Jahns, to feed each of us through her teaching of his Word using examples in John chapters 6, 10, and 11. We saw throughout the event how God is sufficient for all of our needs.  
  • We worshiped in song. What better way to center our thoughts on Christ before and after each session than through singing truths about his character? 
  • We broke up into workshops aimed to the interests and ministries of each woman. The purpose of the workshops was to provide practical, encouraging, and challenging teaching on the chosen topic. As we head back into our everyday lives and ministries, we look forward to applying the new tools and insights we've gained.  
  • We fellowshipped with other women, spurring one another on. One great thing about Verity events is the opportunity to meet other women who share our love for Christ and want to grow and worship our great God alongside of us. What a gift this can be! 

But, don't take my word for it. Here are some comments from others who attended the conference: 

"I love being equipped for the work of the ministry!" 

"First time here – it was amazing! Glory be to God!" 

"I come to rest and be fed so I can lead more effectively." 

"I so appreciate Verity – thank you!" 

"This weekend was a huge encouragement!" 

If you still have feedback for us (ways we can better serve you, what worked, etc), we would love to hear it! Feel free to email it to us at 

The Verity Team was greatly encouraged by the outpouring of love from this meeting of believers wanting to grow in their knowledge of service to God. We are thankful for his gracious activity in the lives of believers throughout our region.  

We’re looking forward to our next event together. Save the date! February 3rd will be the Verity Forum. Registration is now open, so register now before you forget


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