The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

What Makes Verity, Verity? 

What Makes Verity, Verity? 

I still get questions from people, “So what exactly does the Verity Fellowship do?” and sometimes followed by the more ambiguous, “Why?” We exist to encourage and equip women to use the Scriptures well. 

We exist to encourage and equip women to use the Scriptures well. 

And how we do it is easy to explain: We have events, a blog, a training to teach, and ministry mentoring.  

Seems simple enough so far, right? But it goes much deeper than that. 

What makes Verity, Verity? What motivates us, what matters to us, what fuels all that we do? Let us tell you about the Verity Values. You may have seen these on our social media, but we want you to know the convictions that push us to do what we do. Here’s the five #VerityValues. 

Think Theologically 

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We think theologically. We care about what’s true about God, the Bible, the world, the church, and people. We recognize that these truths are not just independent principles, but they interlock to form a framework. And whether we realize it or not, we are all living out what we believe about these things. So, the Verity Fellowship thinks about theology. We teach theology. There’s no fear in talking doctrine, ya’ll. We need this. 

Teach Biblically 

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We think what we need most is what the Bible says. So, we teach the Bible. There are times to share wisdom and teach topical truth, but people can underestimate the power of a Bible passage in its context. Every passage is inspired. God is speaking there; we want to listen and respond. 

Thus, at Verity, we love to talk about how to study the Bible, how to lead Bible studies, how to read the Bible one-to-one, how to talk about it with your kids, how to teach the Bible expositionaly to groups. We are all about teaching the Bible, whether that be in an informal conversation with your neighbor or from a conference stage. We exist to further equip women to use the Scriptures well. 

Jesus at the Center 

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We believe that the Bible centers on Jesus. The Bible is one story that shows the redemption of humanity through Jesus. Jesus said that all of the Old Testament testifies of his life, death, and resurrection. This framework determines how we understand the Scriptures. We study passages in their original contexts, and then we work hard to see how they legitimately point to Christ. We also study the New Testament in light of the Old, knowing that we need both to interpret the Bible well. We will passionately pursue understanding how the Bible centers on Jesus for the rest of our lives.  

Equip Women 

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We believe in equipping women and urging others to do so.  

This is because we value women’s minds. We’ve heard comments about why women don’t need to think about these things… don’t get us started on our rant about that. God gave us minds; we will use them for his glory and for serving others. We value the brains God gave women.  

Thus, we at Verity study well. We believe that we don’t decide what’s true, but we learn from what God has said in his Word. This means that we are willing to study, to work, to understand the context and be ready to speak what the Bible says. And we want to help women do that same thing. 

We also believe in equipping because we value varied gifts, callings, and women. Different life stages, different people to love and serve, different abilities, different ethnicities, different ways of thinking. We’re not all the same, and we’re glad for how God made us different to serve in his kingdom. We’re in this together to serve Jesus. 

The Gospel Transforms 

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We believe that the gospel changes lives. It has the power to save, so we proclaim it to the lost. It has the power to transform, so we proclaim it to one another. As Christians, we need to hear the gospel and its implications every single day. We embrace confessing our need for ongoing grace. We fail and sin all the time, so we never outgrow our need for our Savior. Transformation happens when we hear again what Jesus had done before we start trying to do what he commands. The Holy Spirit applies these truths to our hearts, giving us the desire and the wisdom to do what God commands. It is the gospel that transforms. 


So, this is us, friends. This is what makes Verity, Verity. We know there are several options for you in where you spend your time, where you attend a conference, where you read online. We want you to know our values, so when you chose you can know why we say what we say.  In the midst of all of these values, the last one is that we are for you. We want to serve you well, as we hold to these things that make us Verity.  

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