The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

A Lavish Verity Forum Feast, 2018 

A Lavish Verity Forum Feast, 2018 

Hard to believe, but in three short months we will be gathered once again at Verity Forum 2018. It will be here before you know it. 

Our four tracks create a structure for the dozen workshop options. A dozen workshops!

Each year our Forum event is designed to create an atmosphere lavish with discussion and equipping. The day begins hearing the Word taught together, and then we branch into workshops for the majority of the day. Our four tracks create a structure for the dozen workshop options you will have. A dozen workshop options!  

This year our hearts are eager to get to Forum so we can share our tracks and speakers with you. We believe God has something special in store for us. Let me share what’s coming and our anticipation with you. 

Hearts for the Bible (Tracks 1 and 2) 

We believe that what we need most is what the Bible has to say. Our ministries are healthy when they are rooted in the truth of the Bible and are teaching it in many avenues. The truth of the Scripture is the primary method the Spirit uses to transform us and remind us what is true.  

And we want you to know that you can study it, use it, and teach it well. You can do this, and it is a joy to do it. We have always had a track on Bible interpretation at Verity Forum, so this isn’t a surprise to any of you who have known us over the years. But, for the first time, this year we are going to do two tracks on the Scriptures: “Bible Interpretation 101” and “Bible Interpretation 301.”  

The first track is going to give you a foundation in redemptive history, Bible study methods, and applying this to your Bible study. These are the building blocks to prepare you to better lead, explain, and teach the Bible. If you haven’t done this track, start here! 

The second is our 301 track. This is a first time track that will give you more depth in the Scriptures. Each workshop will be focused on a section of Scripture, diving into the details. This is designed to give you seminary-level Bible workshops, for many of you who enjoy studying your Bible often. We are so excited to do this with you! 

Hearts for Justice (Track 3) 

Our hearts long for justice in this world. We look around and often see the injustice, which is the cause of so much disunity and dishonor. We call out with Habakkuk for God to work, and like him, we want to talk about it. So, this track will begin discussions about justice, unity and dignity. We will start by looking at the Bible’s witness to God’s plan to bring unity and dignity to each image bearer and how that ties to justice.  

We will look into what the Bible says about these things, and we will also talk about what’s going on in our world. Workshops will discuss race and ethnicity within our churches. We will talk about what unity and dignity look like and where we can begin. Speakers will address refugees and their dignity, and our calling as Christians. It’s going to get real, friends, but our hearts are ready. The gospel changes everything and calls us to a transformed perspective. 

Hearts for the Good News (Track 4) 

Lastly, our hearts long for people to hear this gospel that changes everything. We want to be people who speak of it, so our final track is called just that, “Speaking of Jesus.”  

How do we talk about this? Where do we begin? What does it look like in our culture? How can I engage in my normal life in evangelism? What is the message and how do I communicate it clearly? Yes, those are the questions that we cannot wait to plunge into together. This is great Good News, and this mission is the best gift. 

Four Tracks. Twelve workshop options. Are you ready to join us? Registration is open! Read more about our workshops and register today. We cannot wait to be with you. Our hearts are ready. 

What Makes Verity, Verity? 

What Makes Verity, Verity? 

Ministry Fraud 

Ministry Fraud