The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

The Verity Fellowship as a Conduit

The Verity Fellowship as a Conduit

The Verity Team wants to serve you well. You know that we exist to further encourage and equip women to use the Scriptures well. Sometimes that is in informal, everyday-life roles with children, friends, and neighbors. Other times it is in formal roles, either paid staff or unpaid labor-of-love roles.

Sometimes churches and ministries have a hard time filling these more formal positions, and you may have a hard time finding them. So, we’d like to help.

We’ve gotten pretty excited about this idea. It is our heart to help women serve using their gifts in their local communities. Here’s why we’re over the moon as we think about this:

We love the church.

We believe that God has ordained the local church shepherd God’s people and lead in his mission. We love the local church, and we want to serve them by helping them find women who can serve them with joy, heart, and skill.

We love local ministries.

We love the work of parachurch ministries who are helping the Church fulfill his mission. Whether it be in discipleship, evangelism, mercy, education, or justice work, we are for them. And we would love to help them know you.

We value paid work.

We think women should be paid for their service as they work vocationally in ministry. We would be delighted to help some of our friends be connected to do this.

We value volunteer work.

We recognize that not all official ministry positions can be paid, even if they are doing the same work. Most of our Verity staff team roles are unpaid, though their work is invaluable and professional. This is a labor for the Kingdom, and we would love to connect you to use your gifts in this way.

We know women have much to offer the Kingdom of God in formal roles.

We believe in the Spirit of God who has gifted you for labor in his work.

We believe in the Spirit of God who has gifted you for labor in his work. Oh, and as we have gotten to know you, we have been blown away by the passion, vision, sacrificial love, and talents he has given you. We want you to have open doors, as the Lord leads. We pray that we get to see the fruit that God has for you, perhaps through a formal role.

So, it’s our prayer that we are a conduit to connect you with ministry opportunities. But we can use your help.

May the Lord use the women of the Verity Fellowship in informal or formal roles for his glory and the service of many.

Peace on Earth?

Peace on Earth?

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