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6 Reasons to Come on May 6

6 Reasons to Come on May 6

You've heard the word on the street, right? All of your girlfriends are setting aside the first Saturday of May to attend the Verity Forum! You didn't hear? Your friends aren't signed up? Uh-oh. Let me tell you why you want to get signed up and invite your friends. Because trust me, you don't want to miss out on this day packed full of workshops practical to our personal ministries.

Reason #1: Focus on Accuracy and Interpretation

There is a full track focused on how to understand the context of passages, how to see Christ as the center of passages, and how to communicate the Christocentric theme to your audience. Not only is it an important track for anyone who teaches in any capacity, but the workshops are taught by a few of my very favorite teachers. It's going to be a powerful track.

Reason #2: Music and Creativity with a Theological Theme

There is a brand new track this year focused on how the arts (think music and creativity) can be useful and vital tools in evangelism and worship. Find out how theology and creativity go hand in hand. Keeping in mind that we worship a creative God, and are formed in his image, this could be an eye-opening and empowering track. It is sure to be an excellent addition to the forum.

Reason #3: Books, Books, Books

Books. Good books. Dozens and dozens of books. Free books, and books for sale, that have been through our stringent review process (ok, let's face it, Taylor and Katie use this platform as an excuse to read more and more amazing books). You can read these books knowing they have solid material in them. Feel free to purchase them with confidence (at prices that always beat out Amazon) for friends and family.

Reason #4: It's All Good

Let's face it, no matter which of the four tracks you choose, you will be missing out on valuable material from the other tracks. You can't pick a bad track. Whether you pick the "Where Scripture Meets my Suffering" track or the track titled "The Practicals of Jesus-Centered Ministry," or you hop around from track to track, you will come away with invaluable material to strengthen and grow you in your everyday life and ministry. There is no wrong answer when picking workshops.

Reason #5: Affordability

This is a super affordable time of training. With one more week to get in at the discounted price of $25, you can have a day of workshops and lunch for less than it costs to take my growing family out to Burgerville for lunch. And if you procrastinate and miss the cut-off for the discounted price, it is still only $35 after April 24th. I call that a win!

Reason #6: Cookies, Anyone?

We spend all day sitting in workshops and having community worship times as we learn and grow together. It's superb. But just in case your stomach starts to rumble mid-morning, or you start to feel a slight bit sleepy, Verity events are known to have a full supply of some of the tastiest cookies around.

So it is time to get signed up and invite your friends, family, coworkers, and ministry partners to sign up, too. You don't want to miss out on the very best way to spend a Saturday and grow spiritually at the same time!

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