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Pray For the Reason

Pray For the Reason

When the snow caused us to reschedule Verity Forum, we knew that the Lord had a reason, even, perhaps, multiple reasons. The Bible teaches that God is sovereign over the details of everything that happens, that he is intimately involved, that he has a purpose for why he does what he does, and that his purpose is for his greatest glory and our greatest good. The mystery is that we don’t often know the reasons. 

There are women God wants to attend.

In January, as we emailed speakers and volunteers to find a new date, cancelled catering, and scrambled to get the word out to everyone, our conversation was punctuated with speculations about God’s reasons. Some were farfetched, – “Maybe God wanted Taylor to keep all the books for herself?” - but some have a more scriptural basis. One rose to the surface, and we believe it is accurate: there are women God wants to attend that couldn’t come in January.  

God postponed Verity Forum. Perhaps for the sake of individual people that he knows need to be there.

It could be someone who he is calling to begin a new ministry.

Perhaps it’s a person who’s struggling with grief and needs to hear about God’s goodness in suffering.

Maybe it’s a woman who will write worship music that will edify the church greatly.

We don’t know that part. But he does. Each woman coming will be there for a reason . . . God’s reason. 

Our Labor of Prayer 

You and I have been invited to partner with God in this work through prayer. It’s been about four months since Verity Forum needed to be rescheduled. It’s been four months that the Lord has been accomplishing his mysterious purposes for postponing Forum. Would you please join us in praying for the women? Both for the ones who originally planned to come and those who have joined since then?  

We want them to be encouraged, convicted, and motivated for the mission of Jesus. We want them to feel welcome, comforted, and loved. We want them to form relationships with others that will deepen their walk with the Lord. 

If you are one of these women, know that the Verity Team is already praying for you and will continue to do so. If you are reading this, and you haven’t signed up for Forum, but you think there is something for you, come! Are you the reason? Register here

May the Lord accomplish his purposes, both mysterious and known, on May 6th. Thank you for joining us in prayer. (And don’t worry – Taylor is bringing the books).

"What Is Verity All About?"

"What Is Verity All About?"

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