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So, How Was ETW?

So, How Was ETW?

How was Verity’s first Exposition Training Weekend?

Was it challenging? Yes. Was it discouraging? No. Was it valuable? Yes. Would I go again? …

Full of People

I just got done spending two full days with women who love the Word of God. And they love women. They desire to teach women what the Word has to say in a way that the Spirit can use to shape them and grow them. They want  to help people love their Savior more.

Full of Instruction

I spent these two days under gifted, eye-opening instruction on topics like how to move your study of Scripture into a deliverable package that is memorable, effective, and transformative, or how to choose illustrations that better help to drive home the point of the passage you are teaching. We even spent some time on the technical aspects of speaking to a group, such as volume variation, body movement, facial expression. All of them practical and applicable to lady Bible teachers in any context.

Full of Feedback

I was able to get loving, constructive feedback on the message I delivered. It will help me as I continue to prepare to teach at my local church’s women’s Bible study. All the feedback was given as in a spirit of love and desire to help me grow. I was able to offer the same loving feedback to the others in my small group as they faithfully stood before us and delivered truth. It was such a blessing.

Fully Refreshed

However, I think my favorite thing about this weekend was that it felt like a retreat. I spent two whole days being washed over by Scripture. Women had faithfully studied and prepared messages which shaped and encouraged me. They pointed me to Jesus! We all had different styles and strengths, but these only served to highlight the beauty and power of the gospel to bring so many different people together for the same purpose in unity and love.

We shared meals together, prayed together, and all left desiring to use what we had learned. Yet we also realized that there was still much to learn.

I wrote last week about my fear and hesitation to sign up for ETW. This week I am here to tell you that it was worth it! Will I go again? Absolutely.

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