The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

"What Is Verity All About?"

"What Is Verity All About?"

If you walked outside today, you’d never know it was spring in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe you’d think this humid day in the 80’s was from a sunny southern state. This does not feel like Oregon, but maybe that’s the point. You never know what you’re going to get in Oregon!

When you look at the schedule for Verity Forum on Saturday, you may have wondered about the diversity of the topics as well. Is it the same with Verity, that you never know what you’re going to get? It can seem like we picked four exciting yet unrelated topics for our workshop tracks.

But that's not the case. To us, these aren’t mismatched topics. Rather, we see that all of our workshop tracks orbit the same star. They are connected like spokes on a wheel with one central hub. That hub is good Bible interpretation. It is the foundation of our ministry.

Let me explain what I mean, so if someone asks what Verity is all about, you can tell them.

Rooted in the Bible

We study the Scriptures well to undergird all that we do in ministry. We believe how we study the Bible influences how we make disciples. The way we do interpretation influences how we teach groups. What we believe about the Bible changes our art and creativity. What God has said in Scripture informs how we suffer.

At the root, each of our tracks asks the question “How does the Bible inform this?” How do we interpret the Bible well for this piece of ministry? There are a few things the Bible always does for us.

1. The Bible helps us see Jesus.

When we study the Bible well, we see Jesus. Oh, how this is what I need to see.

We see his love and power. We see his authority and boldness. And his humility. We see his sacrifice and exaltation. We see that we desperately need his grace. God’s character was most greatly revealed to us in the person and work of Jesus, and we love him.

It grounds us in humility in our discipleship.

This makes us more tender and bold in our teaching. It grounds us in humility in our discipleship. It reveals dependence in our creativity, and our suffering has hope.

Jesus is the greatest provision for us, and his work on our behalf transforms us. We are not the same, therefore, our ministry flows out of his transformation of us. Everything centers on Jesus, and we need to point women to him.

2. The Bible reveals the truth of God and his redemption.

The trajectory of the Bible gives us this content to teach and these essentials to proclaim, even to the littlest ones.

The truth of the Bible impacts our methods. We see the truth that leads us to better understanding of God’s will (our obedience) and the redemption he offers (his grace). The trajectory of the Bible gives us this content to teach and these essentials to proclaim, even to the littlest ones. It sets the parameters for us.

For example, we learn that in our art, we should lament and grieve with all honesty, while also recognizing there is hope even if we do not feel it. We read Lamentations. We know there is true pain and suffering that can break our hearts, and we can respond without clichés or condescension. Yet we see God's promises of restoration.

Sometimes "whatever works" feels like the easy thing to do. Whatever comes to mind or whatever is quick. I can pretend I have great wisdom to share that I made up from stories. Yet, in the end, I am not called by God to this.

The truth revealed about God and his redemption is applied to everything we’re doing.

3. The story of the Bible gives us courage.

Hands up if you’ve been exhausted. Join in if you’ve ever wanted to “pull a Jonah” and hop a boat to Tarshish over what God’s calling you to do. What about those mornings where you want to convince God “I cannot do this”? Ya’ll have those? Yeah. Me too.

They show me that he is more valuable than anything I could ever lose along the way.

It is the Scriptures that paint the masterpiece of God's saving activity in the world. They tell me of his character. They tell me of my role in it all. They tell me of the Holy Spirit who empowers me to do what he calls me to. They show me that he is more valuable than anything I could ever lose along the way.

This gives us courage. In suffering. In creativity. In the hardest of things set before us. We see the bigger mission and the biggest glory of our God.

What is Verity All About?

So, what is Verity Fellowship doing? Well, Verity Fellowship is the women who gather together to talk about how the Scriptures inform all that we’re doing. We’re about using the Bible well. And centering it all around Jesus.

Next time someone asks, you'll know what to say.

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