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Verity Forum 2017- The Rundown

Verity Forum 2017- The Rundown

Verity Forum 2017 has come and gone, and it was an incredibly powerful day! I know  my mind is still spinning with all of the invaluable truths that were shared. We did it all. Worshipped through music, listened to an exposition on John, feasted on cookies and other snacks, enjoyed lunch and fellowship time, and gleaned from teachers in workshops.  

Did you miss our Forum this year? Here's a quick recap of how our day was filled: 

  • We heard an amazing exposition of John 15, reminding and teaching us that fruitful ministry depends on the Vine, Jesus, being at the center. We cannot produce a fruitful ministry apart from him.  
  • Anna lead us in worship through song, and our hearts were brought into a focus on Christ. A room of women singing with passion in response to all God has done for them? It doesn't get much better than that.
  • Each of us chose 3 workshops to attend, based on our specific interests, needs and ministries. These turned out to be great times of growth from the instruction, and the energetic, honest discussion was just what we needed.    
  • We fellowshipped with others over lunch. Some ate with old friends, some with new friends, some with others in ministries similar to their own. We all walked away satisfied (and a few of us may have eaten too many cookies). 

What did those who attended have to say about the day? Here's what some women said: 

“The workshops on Pain and Suffering and Creativity were excellent.” 

”Excellent day. Very valuable for a single day event.” 

”Loved the emphasis on applying God’s truth.” 

”Good, solid instructive teaching that included opening the Bible during workshops, not just the teacher’s thoughts.” 

”The spirit of the conference centered on the truth of the gospel and love for one another.” 

”Teachers were not only Christ-Centered, but also vulnerable.” 

”I loved being able to go deeply into one topic.” 

”Solid, honest teaching delivered in a spirit of humility.” 

”I appreciated the workshop that shared Christ-centered, practical implications of how the Gospel can be shared through creativity.”

God was gracious to us throughout the day. Our prayers were answered, and many hearts were fed. The Verity Team was greatly encouraged by the outpouring of love from this meeting of believers wanting to grow in their knowledge of service to God. And the overwhelming generosity offered to young women at risk through FREED made us all celebrate.

If you still have feedback for us, we would love to hear it! Feel free to email it to us.

We’re looking forward to our next event together. Save the date! October 13-14, 2017 will be the Verity Fall Conference – Jesus: Your Great Provision. Susan Jahns will be coming from Chicago to teach us from the book of John. We are anticipating another weekend chock-full of Christ-centered teaching and encouragement.

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