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How to Pick a Workshop

How to Pick a Workshop

In one month, we will be gathering at the Verity Fall Conference. We’ll be snacking on scrumptious freshly baked treats (with gluten-free options), tea or coffee in our hands, ready to dive into a day celebrating Jesus as our great provision. There will be fantastic books to peruse, as we decide which we’d grab if we won the raffle, and others we can buy. We’ll sing and hear the Word taught with clarity and relevance. And then. . .  then you’ll have to make a choice.

You will have to pick a workshop to attend. And it’s going to be difficult because you can only choose one of these simultaneous training sessions. How will you pick? To keep you from any sort of conference workshop FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), let me give you some ideas of how to make the decision.

Think about the Levels

What we call ‘levels’ to help you better understand the target audience of the workshop

This year we are publishing what we call “levels” to help you better understand the target audience of the workshop. In the past, we have had unpublished target audiences for each workshop, but we’ve realized it would help you to know what those are.

Now there is no hierarchy here, even if the levels are numbered. Those who attend a “level 3” are not any saintlier or smarter than those who attend a “level 1.” We’re all out of middle school and recognize these things. Rather, the levels are designed to tell you how quickly the teacher may move through some of the biblical terminology and topics. Your familiarity with those may change which you attend.

Here’s how we’ve described the levels.

Level 1 is not just for beginners, but it means that this workshop is designed for anyone coming in. You may have experience in ministry or you may not, but this is a place that will be ready to explain to people at all levels. If you’re interested in a level 1 class and know your Bible “inside-out” (ok, none of us would actually claim that, but still), don’t let the level stop you. It just means there’s a mix of people in the workshop. And feel free to join a workshop to refresh you memory.

Level 2 workshops will cover teaching that may move quickly through some concepts. It expects that the people in the audience have read their Bible before and are ready to dive into some ways to use it to teach it to others. All are welcome to jump in here, and this workshop is designed to push some of us to new things.

Level 3 is designed for people who are a little nerdy about their Bibles. They like to think theology. Maybe they’ve taken Bible college or seminary classes, or they just like to read about the Scriptures. These workshops will take steps to explore together new topics or next steps in ministry and expect a familiarity with the Bible and theology.

Consider the Topics

Which topic grabs you as you read through the descriptions?

One Story of the Bible (level 2): This one covers the overarching redemptive history of Scripture. The grand story will help you read your Bible with new perspective and help you teach it to others with greater clarity. It will make each story come to life in the larger narrative of what God is doing.

Prayer (level 2): When you dive into Paul’s prayers, I guarantee you’ll be exhorted, inspired, and convicted. I always am. The workshop on praying from Paul’s epistles will help you see some biblical patterns for your prayers and will encourage you to pray, waiting for God to work in his might. You will leave ready to pray.

Kids (level 1): Are you ready to talk more about how to communicate the gospel to kids? You might be a mom, an aunt, a friend, or a teacher. This workshop talks about methods and questions and resources. This is a great place to prepare to love the kids in your life well.

John (level 3): Maybe you’ve been sitting in the plenary session and you want to dig deeper into John. We’ve got one for you. This workshop will dive into the theological grid the Old Testament provides for us to understand the depth of John. John reveals more the more you study it, and its beauty makes us love the gift of Jesus all the more.

We all face shame in our lives, sometimes without recognizing it, but God has addressed our shame in the gospel.

Honor and Shame (level 1): Understanding the gospel through an honor and shame lens will benefit your Bible reading, your disciple-making, and your own personal growth. We all face shame in our lives, sometimes without recognizing it, but God has addressed our shame in the gospel. This workshop will help you consider how to apply that to yourself and those you teach.

Check Out the Speakers

Finally, you can check out the different speakers. Each of them are women we would encourage you to learn from and know. They are lovers of people and lovers of Jesus, who struggle and sin and need him just like all of us. You can read their bios by clicking on their names on our event page.

If you’ve been around Verity for a while, you’ve perhaps heard of Katie, Taylor, and Adrienne before. They’re bringing you some fun-new and some old-faithful workshop content. Our two new speakers are a treat—Cynthia Mathai and Wendy Chen. These passionate women have spent time thinking and talking about their topics in other arenas, and we’re grateful to have them bring their lived-out expertise to the Verity workshops. They will be tough to beat.

So, now you have a lot of information to make your decision. Go read about the levels, topics, and speakers on our Verity Conference event page. This will be the hardest decision of that day, but we don’t think you’ll go wrong.

Haven’t registered? Now’s the time to do it before the price goes up October 2nd.

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