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What to Expect from Fall Conference

What to Expect from Fall Conference

Dear Sisters in Christ,

My oldest grandchild, Lucy, is five and started kindergarten this year.  She has always lived several hours away from us, so we make extra effort to stay in touch. We very much look forward to in-person visits, Facetime calls and pictures and videos sent by her mother, our daughter Sarah. 

I will never forget the short video Sarah sent a few years ago of two-year-old Lucy with the caption “Her New Fascination.” In it, Lucy is walking around with Sarah’s Bible, so large in her little hands. I think she may even be holding the Bible upside down, but she is serious nonetheless. Sarah’s voice is heard from off camera--“Lucy, this is God’s Word. Who is in God’s Word?” To my joy, her little voice replies enthusiastically, “Jesus!” 

With that, Lucy has the Bible on the floor. She is peering into its pages, literally with her nose almost touching it. Sarah says, “Do you see Him, Lucy? Do you see Him?”  Lucy gives an audible gasp and says “Oh, look!” as though Jesus is right there on the page.  

I’ve watched that video more times than I can count and each time I think and pray the same thing: Oh, Lord, as Lucy grows, illumine her heart so that she might truly see Jesus through the pages of your Word. Please draw her and let her truly come to know personally the One to whom all Scripture points. Let her never lose her awe for the beauty of Jesus.

As we gather together at the Verity Fellowship Fall Conference on October 13 and 14, my prayer for all of us is much the same. As we expectantly look together at the Gospel of John, may we not only see the beauty of Jesus, but may we all fall more deeply in love with Him and be changed forever!

In our time together, we will be looking together at three of Jesus’ I AM statements, exploring what it truly means that He is our Bread of Life, our Good Shepherd, and our Resurrection and Life. As I’ve been preparing for our time together, while navigating daily life and ministry with its ups and downs, I have been personally challenged and encouraged with the truth that in every way, Jesus IS my Greatest Provision.

Wherever you are in life and ministry, I know God will be faithful to use His Word to refresh, challenge and encourage you. Won’t you come and join us this fall as we open God’s Word together?

I look forward to being with you all in Portland, a beautiful part of the country which I actually called home over forty years ago! I am praying for you and look forward to discovering anew with you the beauty and sufficiency of Jesus.

Grace and Peace,

Susan Jahns

Registration is open now, and there’s still time for the early bird rate!

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