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Recommended Resource: The Simeon Trust

Recommended Resource: The Simeon Trust

I wish there was a way to know the Bible better without neeing seminary.

One of the greatest needs for the church is training in Bible interpretation. Knowledge of the Bible is needed for everything we do as believers – our own walk with the Lord, evangelism, women’s Bible study, teaching the gospel to our kids – it touches everything! A common refrain among the women I know is, “I wish there was a way to know the Bible better without needing to go to seminary.” A great resource that accomplishes this very thing is the Simeon Trust.  

If you’ve read other Verity blogs or attended Verity events, you’ve probably heard us talk about the Simeon Trust. It’s the prerequisite for Verity Training and it’s been a great blessing in my life. Now let me tell you some of the nuts and bolts so you know exactly what this resource is and how to access it. 

The Resource: An Intensive Training

The Simeon Trust combines teaching that gives you tools with opportunities for you to practice using those tools with specific Bible passages.  

The teaching part of Simeon Trust consists of topics such as “Staying on the Line” (making sure what you’re getting from the text is what the text is actually saying) and “Seeing Jesus” (making sure you legitimately get to Christ from every passage). They also have genre specific teaching, such as how to understand the structure of Old Testament Narrative.  

Every single year, I learn something new.

The practice side of Simeon Trust lets you put the tools you learned in the teaching into practice. You are given texts to work on, using a worksheet that explains each step. Every single year, I learn something new about the specifics of a Bible book and I am reminded of essential basics that I so easily forget. 

This combination is what makes The Simeon Trust such a valuable resource. 

Accessing The Simeon Trust

There are two main ways to access the Simeon Trust.  

Everyone has useful input to bring, and everyone has more to learn.
  • One way is by attending a Workshop. In just a couple of weeks, a group of women will gather together at Hinson Church in Portland, OR. Women who teach regularly for the Simeon Trust will partner with local teachers to bring the content. Then, women who have prepared their texts will break into small groups to work through them together. Everyone has useful input to bring, and everyone has more to learn. It’s intense, but it is worth it. There is a sense of camaraderie when it is done, as well as the satisfaction of having learned a lot in a short about of time. At these local trainings, you also get the opportunity to hear a couple of the passages exposited by the teachers.

Although the April Simeon Trust in Portland is full, they do return each year. There are  also other options in other places.

  • A second way to access this resource is their online Simeon Course . The content of the teaching is available for a very reasonable rate. The place to start is the “First Principles” course for women. You watch the videos and then work through passages on your own. This route is extremely flexible. You can do it on your own, or you can get a group of women from your church together for a small group approach. Another bonus is that you can go through it at your own pace. 

It’s Worth Your Time

This April at Hinson marks the fourth time I will attend a Simeon Trust Women’s Workshop. Then, this summer I will take a group of women teachers and leaders from our church through the online course.  

The funny things is – I have been to seminary – and I still need it. I will never reach the end of my knowledge of the Scriptures. I need resources like this to teach me more. How about you? 


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