The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

Mark Your Calendars 

Mark Your Calendars 

Do not fear. There is a Portland event for your calendars. 

Update: You can find more information about all WTN events and register for the Portland event at

“Do you have an event coming up?”  

“When’s the next Portland conference?” 

“What’s going on? I can’t find the information online!” 

I’ve been getting those questions often.  

We at the Verity Fellowship are still transitioning to become the Women’s Training Network, but do not fear. There is a Portland event for your calendars! 

Still Serving in Portland 

Coming to you on April 12-13, 2019.

The Women’s Training Network events will be similar to our previous Verity Forums. Tracks of content will equip you to use the Scriptures well in distinct contexts, with support from experienced teachers. You will get to visit with women like you who are striving to serve the Lord in whatever place he has you. The training will be rich. The exposition will be solid. And our Savior will be lifted high. 

Ready to mark your calendar: April 12-13. That’s the date! 

No Fall Conference 

I know some of you were hoping for another fall conference as we have had in the past. We get you. We’ll miss it too. But in its place, God is doing something exciting where we are honored to serve. 

The Women’s Training Network is hosting and serving women from Latin America who are preparing to teach similar events across ten countries. While we will not gather in Portland in the next few months, we will instead lift up these women who will gather in their own home countries. Will you pray for them with us? What a joy to get to partner with them! 

How to Stay Informed 

I know it’s hard to find information right now. It’s hard to find it on the Verity site, and The Gospel Coalition website isn’t any better. But don’t worry; more is coming soon. Here’s where you can be looking: 

1. Join our Newsletter Events list. This list will be the base for an email list for our women’s events for the Gospel Coalition, including our Women’s Training Network events. Trust us—you want to hear about it! 

2. Keep an eye on our events page. We’ll be linking the new Women’s Training Network site there by the end of September. 

3. Check out The Gospel Coalition site and social media. They will be revealing more of our coming events in the fall. Stay tuned! 

We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you and walk with you as the Verity Fellowship. We’ll be just as grateful as we call ourselves the Women’s Training Network. April 12-13th cannot come soon enough to be together again. 

There May Yet Be Hope  

There May Yet Be Hope