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Thanksgiving Is For The Broken Too

Thanksgiving is for gratitude. Yet, sometimes gratitude feels as far away as the mountains in the distance. You can see them, but you wouldn’t say you’re there. Yet, thankfully, gratitude isn’t always an isolated feeling. It doesn’t need to be. It can be mingled with other emotions. And gratitude often isn’t a natural emotion at all, but rather a choice of faith as we remember the message of Jesus in the midst of our circumstances.

The Story of Refugees We Know Well

We read the news and pray about the refugee crisis. As Christians, we must do more and look to our Bibles for how to think about these things. Refugees, sojourning, alienation, exile... These are common themes in our Scriptures revealing the story of God's people cast out of their home and God's great act of compassion. So let's walk through a biblical theology of refugees.