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Looking for Listening Leads?

Looking for Listening Leads?

I’m often trying to multiply my time by figuring out how to cross two things off my list at one time. Make a phone call on my headset while cleaning? No problem. Dictate reminders and brainstorming while walking? All the time. Read a church history book in the 10 minute wait at the clinic? Of course. Listen to a podcast while getting ready to go? Every morning.

This means I’m often looking for listening leads— searching for quality audio that I can listen to when I’m alone cooking, gardening, driving, and everything else that takes up my hands. One day I’ll tell you about some great biographies I’ve benefited from this way, but today I want to commend the brand-spanking-new audio up from the Verity Forum. It’s online here and ready for you to listen to while you make dinner, vacuum the car, or mow the lawn this week. (There’s the handouts for you to sneak a peek at too, for those of you who love to see the structure of the lecture and read through the notes.)

Were you not able to come? Now you can still benefit from the teaching. Or perhaps you came but were you not able to attend all the workshops you wanted. I think that includes all of us, as I desperately wanted to slip out of my workshops to listen to multiple others! God provided some wise and gifted women to serve us.

A Taste of What's Offered

Here’s what people are saying about a few of the workshops to give you a taste.

"Discipleship Is Intentional Directed Relationship" with Shana Powell

Women are telling me they loved hearing Shana. She’s wise, experienced, clear, and oh so funny. Everyone told me she’s hilarious. But truly, she’s vulnerable with her experience in discipling others and lays out a framework that cares for women where they’re at. The chatter’s hot about this one!

“The Heart of Discipleship for Children” with Jeanine Smith

I’m already getting messages asking for the links to this one! Jeanine spoke from her heart to help you intentionally disciple young ones.

“Getting the Gospel” with Keri Seavey

This was eye opening and inspiring to many. Keri laid out the gospel with clarity and helps us see what it is and isn’t. The centrality of the gospel became manifest for each of our lives.

“Writing and Picking Bible Study Material” with Whitney Woollard

People wanted more time with Whitney as they caught her passion and realized the wealth of knowledge she offered in writing a Bible study. This is a great place to start for you to grasp the core of Bible studies.

“Thoughts on Discipling Women” with Bethany Allen

People are already asking me if we’re having Bethany at another Verity Forum. She’s knowledgeable, articulate, and not afraid to challenge you to step into what God is calling you to do. I’ve also been told that she and Shana could do stand-up comedy as a team.

The “Teaching the Bible” Track also received recommendation if you’re wanting to learn to teach or desiring to grow in your Bible teaching. It is a bit of a firehose of information, but it’s the beginning of more workshops coming on the topic from the Verity Fellowship.

I was also really encouraged by Katie's message in the last main session, reminding us that this work is worth it.

So if you’re into multitasking, here’s your next queue.  Or if you were annoyed that you couldn’t hear all the quality workshops at the Verity Forum, now you know what to plug in this week. Happy listening!

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