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Three for Free: The Magical Land of Book Givaways

Thanks to our generous publisher friends, we were able to have a book giveaway at the Verity Conference which featured hundreds of gospel-centered books, ranging from the slightly academic to the practical. If you missed your chance to win a book, now's your chance to peruse or purchase from our list of book recommendations.

Inductive Bible Study: Why You Should Come to My Workshop

Adrienne Lawrence shares a preview of her Verity Conference 2016 workshop: Inductive Bible Study. Learn how to ask foundational questions leading to a solid understanding of the text and how it can be better applied to our lives. Practice your new (or further honed) Bible Study methods skills in a welcoming atmosphere. This workshop is for beginners and veterans alike.

Fresh Start: How to Get the Most Out of Bible Study

September often brings with it the fresh start of Bible studies and small groups. After you have done the first step of signing up, what now? How can you ensure that you are getting the most out of your commitment? There are some practical ways that we can show up ready to engage with others and dig deep into the Word

From Nuggets to Feast: My Bible Study Journey

We all need the truth from Scripture ministered to us in a way that impacts our real lives.  But what's the best way to approach the Bible?  Close your eyes and pick randomly?  Return to your favorites verses, but leave the rest untouched?  Arianne shares her journey of how she learned to study the Bible in the most helpful way.

When the Bible is the Last Thing You Want

I've been the Bible reading hypocrite. The one who leads a study or teaches yet herself is neglecting her own time reading God's word. When the Bible is the last thing you want, it's hard to do anything about it. Mary graciously shares her journey and wise steps back towards the words God gave us.

Why We Lead "Valuable Bible Study"

What do you want for the people you lead more than anything else? What motivates what you're doing? If you want what we want, then valuable Bible study will top the list of ministry to-dos, because of what we believe about the Bible, community, and transformation.

Recommended Resource: One-to-One Bible Reading

When we are discipling other people, sometimes we don’t know where to start. This can be even truer when we’re trying to train people to disciple others. We know we want to start with the Bible, but how? How do we read the Bible with someone and train others to do the same?

Enter One-to-One Bible Reading by David Helm.