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"What Is Verity All About?"

"So... what exactly does Verity do?" It's a common question, and even those very familiar with Verity Fellowship can stumble to answer. Let me tell you how it all fits together, even with our variety of tracks on Saturday.

The Practicals of Ministry

Do you long for your ministry to be less about you and more about Jesus? Learn what kind of foundational principles can change the way you minister in Bible study, children's ministry and discipleship.

Inductive Bible Study: Why You Should Come to My Workshop

Adrienne Lawrence shares a preview of her Verity Conference 2016 workshop: Inductive Bible Study. Learn how to ask foundational questions leading to a solid understanding of the text and how it can be better applied to our lives. Practice your new (or further honed) Bible Study methods skills in a welcoming atmosphere. This workshop is for beginners and veterans alike.

Fresh Start: How to Get the Most Out of Bible Study

September often brings with it the fresh start of Bible studies and small groups. After you have done the first step of signing up, what now? How can you ensure that you are getting the most out of your commitment? There are some practical ways that we can show up ready to engage with others and dig deep into the Word