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Life, Death, and the Cycle of Decay

It’s an inescapable part of life, something we’ll all experience directly, and likely indirectly as well.  Yet somehow, the inevitability of death still takes us by surprise. Today Arianne takes a closer look at the cycle that holds each and every one of us in its grasp, as well as the only One with the power to rescue us from it.

How You Relate to Refugees

You can relate to refugees. You may not know it. There are political arguments on both sides of what has happened this week; I'm not adding to those. I hope to give a biblical grid to help us think about the plight of the refugee as Christians.

Theology and Creativity: God Cares about Creativity

Have you ever felt guilty about caring about creativity when it feels like you should study the Bible? Or perhaps you don’t feel like you have a creative bone in your body? What we know about God from Scripture destroys these false thoughts and gives hope for the place where creativity and theology come together.

New Year’s Resolutions or New Year’s Idols?

New Year’s resolutions are a great idea, but if we’re not careful, we can be subtly influenced by worldly thinking when making and keeping them. New Year’s resolutions can turn into New Year’s idols. We want to remember the gospel and seek the Lord’s will when making our resolutions. Furthermore, we want to lean on the Holy Spirit when living out our resolutions.

The Redeemer Has Come

Christmas, maybe more than any other time of year, brings all of life's circumstances to light. How can we navigate the highs and lows of the season? The book of Ruth might seem an unlikely place to look for Christmas cheer, but we'll be surprised to see that it points us right to the best hope of all...

What is ETW?

Whether you’ve been expositing the Bible for years or are new to it, Exposition Training Weekend will be a time in community to reground yourself in teaching the Bible; we know you'll be encouraged. Learn more about the details here. 

Three for Free: The Magical Land of Book Givaways

Thanks to our generous publisher friends, we were able to have a book giveaway at the Verity Conference which featured hundreds of gospel-centered books, ranging from the slightly academic to the practical. If you missed your chance to win a book, now's your chance to peruse or purchase from our list of book recommendations.

Verity Forum: Equipping in the Bible

What is Verity Forum and why does Verity talk so much about Biblical interpretation? Learn the answers to these questions and more. Grow in expectation for the upcoming forum based on practical workshops designed to help you grasp the true meaning of Scripture while reaching the heart of women. 

Recap: Verity Conference 2016

Do you want jump start your personal devotions or women's group Bible study? Then consider attending the next Verity Forum or Verity Conference. Get to know who is Verity and how they can equip you to better know God's grace found in the Word through this conference review by Jennell Marks. 

How Perfectionism Helps and Hurts

God’s plan is to make us perfect in Christ, and it is his desire that we long for it. However, there is a big difference between this godly perfection and worldly perfectionism. It’s helpful to know the distinction and to recognize what each looks like, so that we align our hopes with God’s purpose for us.

Three Truths to Un-Pigeonhole the Biblical Woman

What if I never fit into the normal mold? What about Christian women who never marry and never have children? What if I don't do the things so many expect of me? If our categories of a true woman are defined by Christian Pinterest articles, then the church needs great help in broadening it.

Faith: Threatened by Doubt or Sufficient for It?

The Bible tells us it’s impossible to please God without faith, and that doubt and worry lead to evil. Yikes! Is there anyone who hasn’t wrestled with doubt at some point in life? Thankfully, the gospel tells us that’s not the end of the matter. Read on in the second of this three-part series on faith.

Our Best Sacrifice

What is a sacrifice and what does it look like for us to offer ourselves? Do we do this to atone? Do we do this in thanksgiving? What does our best sacrifice in faith look like?