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Peace on Earth?

Promises of freedom, joy, and peace sung about this time of year can feel like a mocking song when we look at the heartache around us. So are these promises kept and how do we see Christmas today? 

How the Manger Puts Us on Level Ground

The manger scenes we display at Christmas are models for us. They lead us to worship, and they humble us. All over the world, people create scenes that reveal the universal desperate need for this Savior. We're all leveled to desperation for Jesus, an the leveling and offer of hope in Christ's birth call us love.

When Christmas is for the Broken

I have not kept up the last few weeks. I have not handled it all well. Some days I may be barely passing at life if we’re grading on a curve. Then, Christmas snuck up on me, do I feel ready? The beauty of Mary's words is that in Christmas, God has seen the broken.

The Redeemer Has Come

Christmas, maybe more than any other time of year, brings all of life's circumstances to light. How can we navigate the highs and lows of the season? The book of Ruth might seem an unlikely place to look for Christmas cheer, but we'll be surprised to see that it points us right to the best hope of all...

Your Greatest Need Met at Christmas

That first Christmas a teenage gal, a shocked fiancé, and a few shepherds heard from angels. The echoes of promises from long ago rose to their minds. Is this the Savior? Angels said the hope of the world rested on this baby. The implications of the story say your hope today rests on that same baby- your hope in family strife, in worry, in grieving loss. Your greatest need was met on Christmas.

Two Reasons Jesus’ Genealogies are Worth Reading

When my family opens the Bible to read the Christmas story on Christmas morning, tradition and habit influence which passages to read. Yet, there are passages giving light to Jesus’ birth we often leave out or skim over quickly. One of those is the place Matthew actually starts the story of Jesus. The Christmas story begins with a genealogy that teaches us much more than you would expect: hope from a list of patriarchs and glimpses of grace from four women of dubious reputation.