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The Waiting Game

We’re always waiting for something. Sometimes we have to wait for big things, like a spouse or a job. Even when we aren’t waiting for big things, we’re always waiting for small things, like the weekend or that person to get back to us. How do we find peace amidst the tension of all this waiting, and how can we redeem that time?

Crazy, Brave Love

Beautiful and shocking. That’s what it is when an outcast woman in Luke 7 is willing to do whatever it takes to express her devotion to Jesus. What kind of courage is that? Whatever it is, I need more of it. 

Unanswered Prayers

Does God care about my longings? Does he care about physical pain that can be sometimes constant and overwhelming? Jennell shares from the heart about how she found peace with these questions when it came to her unanswered prayers.

How to Survive Social Media - Part Two

Social media is hard. The range of emotions you can experience within just a few minutes of being online, from smiling to cringing, can be exhausting. So, how do we, as women who love Jesus, respond to what we're seeing on our screens?

Created and Recreated for Community

Building relationships is hard, especially when you're tempted to overthink everything you're doing. Am I being annoying? Did I just offend? Yet, we are hard-wired to long for a healthy community. What hope do we have that we will get there? Scripture gives us great hope.