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Passing on God's Promises

We plant seeds in others by sharing of God's faithfulness in our lives. By telling them who he is, what he’s accomplished, and of his great rescue plan we can soften our family, friends, and neighbor’s hearts to the good news.  

The Harvest

What if people truly are waiting to hear the Gospel? What if those around us each day are some of those people? You may think no one wants to hear. You're wrong; I'm living proof.

Do You Know Your Lines?

We've all been there. You're sitting in the audience, and the actor on stage is awkwardly frozen, having completely forgotten her lines. You just wish somebody would remind her where she is in the drama, so she can keep going! At times in our walk, we can feel just like she does. Here's a reminder of the story we're in, our role, and our lines.

Another 3 Ways to Influence a Culture of Evangelism (Part 2)

As leaders, we know that people will imitate us as they imitate Christ.  Nowhere is that more intimidating than in the area of evangelism because, let's face it, evangelism can be scary.  However, since Jesus had called us to bring the gospel to all people, it is an area in which we must lead. Here are three truths to help you as you continue to learn to do it well.