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Four Steps Towards Connection

We are not in Kindergarten anymore. Making “best friends” is not as easy as it used to be.  Paul tells Titus to teach men and women to pursue intimate, discipleship relationships, so that they would display the beauty and power of the gospel. But how do we do this? Read on for some practical steps to take in pursuit of connection.

Faith Like a Child

My daughter lost her favorite stuffed hippo, and I gained an amazing lesson on faith. Sometimes children have a lot to teach us through their simple belief. Here’s a story about one girl’s unwavering faith that God would return her lost friend.

Part Three: Faith in Action

Having faith in God means that we submit to his leading and acknowledge that he’s calling the shots. But it’s just as important to recognize the importance of our role as active followers. Find out why  active obedience proves to be such an important component of true faith.

Faith: Threatened by Doubt or Sufficient for It?

The Bible tells us it’s impossible to please God without faith, and that doubt and worry lead to evil. Yikes! Is there anyone who hasn’t wrestled with doubt at some point in life? Thankfully, the gospel tells us that’s not the end of the matter. Read on in the second of this three-part series on faith.

Our Best Sacrifice

What is a sacrifice and what does it look like for us to offer ourselves? Do we do this to atone? Do we do this in thanksgiving? What does our best sacrifice in faith look like?