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In Pursuit of Connection

Have you ever felt all alone in a crowded room? Were you surprised when that crowded room was your church? I was. Yet, there’s a biblical model that has us enjoying intimate, intergenerational friendships that ground us in the gospel.

How Perfectionism Helps and Hurts

God’s plan is to make us perfect in Christ, and it is his desire that we long for it. However, there is a big difference between this godly perfection and worldly perfectionism. It’s helpful to know the distinction and to recognize what each looks like, so that we align our hopes with God’s purpose for us.

Three Truths to Un-Pigeonhole the Biblical Woman

What if I never fit into the normal mold? What about Christian women who never marry and never have children? What if I don't do the things so many expect of me? If our categories of a true woman are defined by Christian Pinterest articles, then the church needs great help in broadening it.

Faith: Threatened by Doubt or Sufficient for It?

The Bible tells us it’s impossible to please God without faith, and that doubt and worry lead to evil. Yikes! Is there anyone who hasn’t wrestled with doubt at some point in life? Thankfully, the gospel tells us that’s not the end of the matter. Read on in the second of this three-part series on faith.