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A Little Innocent Complaining?

I am no stranger to being grumbled at. And nothing ruffles my “mom feathers” more than whining, moaning and complaining. So, when I read about the Israelites grumbling against God, I knew I could really relate. Until I was convicted of my own grumbling…

When Christmas is for the Broken

I have not kept up the last few weeks. I have not handled it all well. Some days I may be barely passing at life if we’re grading on a curve. Then, Christmas snuck up on me, do I feel ready? The beauty of Mary's words is that in Christmas, God has seen the broken.

Where's the Hope for Tamar?

If you read the story of Tamar in Genesis, your heart will ache from the family misery. To boot, you'll recognize the feel of a broken family. Today they are more the norm than not, and the reality can be depressing. Still, the hope of God working for Tamar is our hope. Don't miss it. Grace is there.

Give Me Jesus

As people sit waiting to hear from us, what does God want the focus of Bible teaching to be? Do you need stories of heroes from the Old Testament? Vague encouragements to trust the Lord? Or is there something much more than that? Hope is at stake.

Don't Lose Heart

When we face discouragement in ministry, it's hard to know what to think. Why the criticism? Why does this seem like failure? Why do we still not see change? In the face of opponents, Paul answered these questions. He said "We do not lose heart."

Jesus is Better- Even on Hard Days

I was sitting on the train on my way home from PSU. As I looked out the window a phrase ran through my mind over and over again, "Knowing Jesus is better than anything else." I was determined to say this truth to myself until my heart believed it.

What is the Gospel Part 3- Jesus and Our Response

“Well, I have good news, and I have bad news. Which would you like to hear first?” Have you ever been on the receiving end of that question?  I have. It’s not my favorite place to be. My mind is racing with all the possibilities that could be coming. What I’m hoping is that the good news is going to help me with the devastation caused by the bad news. That the best of the good news will be greater than the worst of the bad news. That’s not always how it goes, but it is fully true about good news from the Bible. The good news of what Jesus has done and what we gain in our response of faith is exceedingly superior to the bad news of what we've done.

What is the Gospel Part 2- God, Sin, and People

I remember the first time someone expressed the gospel succinctly and clearly to me. It felt like classified information that I had been working to uncover had just been uttered, out in the open, on a normal day, in a casual conversation on my college campus. “Did this really just happen?” I thought. My life, the Bible, and my mission made sense. I had to understand the truth about God and the truth about my sin to grasp the fullness of the message.

Thanksgiving Is For The Broken Too

Thanksgiving is for gratitude. Yet, sometimes gratitude feels as far away as the mountains in the distance. You can see them, but you wouldn’t say you’re there. Yet, thankfully, gratitude isn’t always an isolated feeling. It doesn’t need to be. It can be mingled with other emotions. And gratitude often isn’t a natural emotion at all, but rather a choice of faith as we remember the message of Jesus in the midst of our circumstances.

What is the Gospel?

If you read Christian blogs and books, you’ve probably heard the word “gospel” a lot.  Gospel people, gospel-centered, gospel-proclaiming.  And Verity Fellowship is no different.  We use the term constantly, but it's not just a buzz word. It has a concrete meaning. We must understand exactly what the gospel is to be able to ground ourselves in its message. Grasping the gospel is crucial. This is the first postin our series on "What is the gospel."