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A Little Innocent Complaining?

I am no stranger to being grumbled at. And nothing ruffles my “mom feathers” more than whining, moaning and complaining. So, when I read about the Israelites grumbling against God, I knew I could really relate. Until I was convicted of my own grumbling…

The Heart of the Matter

Trying to do our best all of the time is exhausting. It’s also discouraging because we inevitably fall short. By looking to Jesus, we have the power to stop trying so hard and instead let the Holy Spirit give us the desire to do what is right.

Reframing High Emotions

If you experience temper tantrums or crying jags more often than you care to admit, you’re likely frustrated by the power your own emotions can have. Rather than giving in to shame and embarrassment, Arianne shows how exploring these emotions can, surprisingly, lead to a place of greater stability and trust in God.

New Year’s Resolutions or New Year’s Idols?

New Year’s resolutions are a great idea, but if we’re not careful, we can be subtly influenced by worldly thinking when making and keeping them. New Year’s resolutions can turn into New Year’s idols. We want to remember the gospel and seek the Lord’s will when making our resolutions. Furthermore, we want to lean on the Holy Spirit when living out our resolutions.

A Resolution That Matters

It’s that time again – New Year’s resolution season. Will you or won’t you? Don’t get caught up in the hype of false promises. But do consider setting a goal that will enable you to grow closer to Jesus this year!

Hope for the Mundane

What do you do when you find your days are a series of thankless tasks and duties? Find hope for a lack luster heart in El Roi, the God who sees. Take refuge in the God who cares - even delights - in the mundane along with the brightest moments of our days. 

Practicing Joy

Finding joy is easy when life is good. It's much harder when things get dicey. Are you like me – you want to "rejoice always" but find yourself lacking? How do we find genuine joy in the midst of real life? There are practical habits we can practice that will help us get there. 

Shaken to Salvation

When the ground is pulled from underneath our feet, we stumble. Instability can shake us to the core. Yet, it is often also the time when we reach out for the truth; we reach out to grasp One who can hold us no matter what happens. Cynthia tells her story of how God used instability in her life.

When Weakness is a Strength

“For when I am weak, then I am strong.” When I am weak, I easily fall into a cycle of poor decision making, guilt, and self-pity. I would feel more comfortable if Paul had said: “For when I am weak, then I am not strong.” I want to be strong, like Paul, when I’m weak. . . but how? 

Telekinesis and Faith

When my brother and I were about 5 and 7, we just knew if we prayed and believed hard enough, God would give us His power so that we could turn on and off our bedroom light with our minds. I was a smidge off, but not far from what we often believe about faith. Let's talk about what faith truly looks like.

The Name Game

What do names mean to us? Sometimes they tell us who we are. They tie us to identities, to the past, to expectations, to what we've done. Isn't that why some would wish for a name change? But that is exactly what the gracious God offers to Jacob and ultimately to us.

Three Things You Need in the Bura

Why do we talk about theology? Why do we study and remind each other of what's true? It's not so that we can win at dinner conversations arguing ecclesiology. It's because when the hurricane winds like the Bura blow we need a framework, each other, and closeness, not just scattered beliefs.

Created and Recreated for Community

Building relationships is hard, especially when you're tempted to overthink everything you're doing. Am I being annoying? Did I just offend? Yet, we are hard-wired to long for a healthy community. What hope do we have that we will get there? Scripture gives us great hope.

When the Bible is the Last Thing You Want

I've been the Bible reading hypocrite. The one who leads a study or teaches yet herself is neglecting her own time reading God's word. When the Bible is the last thing you want, it's hard to do anything about it. Mary graciously shares her journey and wise steps back towards the words God gave us.

Physical Pain and A Gospel Perspective

The truth seems easy to believe on a “good day.” Then pain comes and renders me powerless. I’m confronted with the dissonance between the theology I affirm and the theology I practice. Migraines present me an opportunity, if you will, to practice believing the truth.

The King and the Uncommitted Crowd

Next Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. But before we get there, it's important to join the historical throngs who were with him in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. The last week of his life Jesus revealed who he was, and, in doing so, he drew a line in the sand. Would they worship him as King?

The Last People I Want to Love

Seeing the way Jesus loves shatters our broken concepts of love.  On the last night of his life, Jesus demonstrated tender, deep affection for followers who were deceitful, arrogant, and overbearing.  He loves us when we are that way, too.  And as he does, he gives us his perfect concept of love.  He teaches us to love lowly.