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The Waiting Game

We’re always waiting for something. Sometimes we have to wait for big things, like a spouse or a job. Even when we aren’t waiting for big things, we’re always waiting for small things, like the weekend or that person to get back to us. How do we find peace amidst the tension of all this waiting, and how can we redeem that time?

How the Manger Puts Us on Level Ground

The manger scenes we display at Christmas are models for us. They lead us to worship, and they humble us. All over the world, people create scenes that reveal the universal desperate need for this Savior. We're all leveled to desperation for Jesus, an the leveling and offer of hope in Christ's birth call us love.

When Christmas is for the Broken

I have not kept up the last few weeks. I have not handled it all well. Some days I may be barely passing at life if we’re grading on a curve. Then, Christmas snuck up on me, do I feel ready? The beauty of Mary's words is that in Christmas, God has seen the broken.

Where's the Hope for Tamar?

If you read the story of Tamar in Genesis, your heart will ache from the family misery. To boot, you'll recognize the feel of a broken family. Today they are more the norm than not, and the reality can be depressing. Still, the hope of God working for Tamar is our hope. Don't miss it. Grace is there.