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3 More "Weaknesses" of Great Leaders

Great leaders who follow Jesus don't look like the leaders of the world. These leaders choose risk, the ordinary, and service over power, fame, and prestige... They walk in weakness like their Savior who chose suffering and servanthood over all.  

Why We Lead "Valuable Bible Study"

What do you want for the people you lead more than anything else? What motivates what you're doing? If you want what we want, then valuable Bible study will top the list of ministry to-dos, because of what we believe about the Bible, community, and transformation.

Don't Lose Heart

When we face discouragement in ministry, it's hard to know what to think. Why the criticism? Why does this seem like failure? Why do we still not see change? In the face of opponents, Paul answered these questions. He said "We do not lose heart."

You’re Not Alone- Standing By You

One of the hardest parts of ministry is that it can be so lonely.  It often seems like no one understands your particular struggles or the way it feels to help shoulder the burdens of others.  Jesus knew this and gave us a great gift - each other.  At Verity Forum this May, we are going to connect you with women who are ministering just like you are.  You're not alone; we'll stand with you.

Another 3 Ways to Influence a Culture of Evangelism (Part 2)

As leaders, we know that people will imitate us as they imitate Christ.  Nowhere is that more intimidating than in the area of evangelism because, let's face it, evangelism can be scary.  However, since Jesus had called us to bring the gospel to all people, it is an area in which we must lead. Here are three truths to help you as you continue to learn to do it well.