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Practicing Joy

Finding joy is easy when life is good. It's much harder when things get dicey. Are you like me – you want to "rejoice always" but find yourself lacking? How do we find genuine joy in the midst of real life? There are practical habits we can practice that will help us get there. 

When Weakness is a Strength

“For when I am weak, then I am strong.” When I am weak, I easily fall into a cycle of poor decision making, guilt, and self-pity. I would feel more comfortable if Paul had said: “For when I am weak, then I am not strong.” I want to be strong, like Paul, when I’m weak. . . but how? 

Telekinesis and Faith

When my brother and I were about 5 and 7, we just knew if we prayed and believed hard enough, God would give us His power so that we could turn on and off our bedroom light with our minds. I was a smidge off, but not far from what we often believe about faith. Let's talk about what faith truly looks like.

The King and the Uncommitted Crowd

Next Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. But before we get there, it's important to join the historical throngs who were with him in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. The last week of his life Jesus revealed who he was, and, in doing so, he drew a line in the sand. Would they worship him as King?

The Shape of True Love

The world is obsessed with love, and at no time is that more evident than Valentine's Day.  But what our culture calls love...and what we often think of as love...can actually be selfishness.  We need God to define true love for us and to teach us to love. He did just that through his Son and in his Word.