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A Little Innocent Complaining?

I am no stranger to being grumbled at. And nothing ruffles my “mom feathers” more than whining, moaning and complaining. So, when I read about the Israelites grumbling against God, I knew I could really relate. Until I was convicted of my own grumbling…

Reframing High Emotions

If you experience temper tantrums or crying jags more often than you care to admit, you’re likely frustrated by the power your own emotions can have. Rather than giving in to shame and embarrassment, Arianne shows how exploring these emotions can, surprisingly, lead to a place of greater stability and trust in God.

Hope for the Mundane

What do you do when you find your days are a series of thankless tasks and duties? Find hope for a lack luster heart in El Roi, the God who sees. Take refuge in the God who cares - even delights - in the mundane along with the brightest moments of our days. 

Three Truths to Un-Pigeonhole the Biblical Woman

What if I never fit into the normal mold? What about Christian women who never marry and never have children? What if I don't do the things so many expect of me? If our categories of a true woman are defined by Christian Pinterest articles, then the church needs great help in broadening it.