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Recognizing the Root of Rebellion

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely experienced the frustration and discouragement of speaking and not being listened to. But what if we’re the children not listening to our Father? Today we’ll talk about the importance of hearing God’s voice.

How God's Story Changes Me

Why was teaching the “One Story of Scripture” workshop such an awesome experience? Because learning the story of Scripture changed my heart and my life. And because it continues to change my life as I learn more and more about God’s deep love for his people.

Faith in the Face of Injustice

When I look around at the injustice committed against people around me, my heart breaks, and I want to yell. Sometimes as I pray, it seems that the work to bring full justice isn't coming quickly. Maybe you can relate. We're not alone. There is an example for us in the Scriptures, and the message of God to him is for us today.

Church is Worth the Effort?

Why do we go to church? Sometimes it’s out of a sense of obligation. Sometimes it’s to find community. Or maybe it makes us feel better about ourselves. Do we need to go to church? Aren’t there many other ways to meet with God? Hebrews 10 teaches us about God’s design for the church, and gives us compelling reasons for not missing out.