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There May Yet Be Hope  

Sin devastates. Likely there’s been a time in your life when you’ve seen that to be true. We have ample reason to both fear and hope in the Lord in the face of sin’s devastation, and Lamentations shows us this through the eyes of someone who has lived it too.

Recognizing the Root of Rebellion

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely experienced the frustration and discouragement of speaking and not being listened to. But what if we’re the children not listening to our Father? Today we’ll talk about the importance of hearing God’s voice.

Hidden Redemption

When someone you care about is struggling with something you’ve faced before, the natural tendency is to try to fix it for them. But sometimes, you can’t fix it. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

How God's Story Changes Me

Why was teaching the “One Story of Scripture” workshop such an awesome experience? Because learning the story of Scripture changed my heart and my life. And because it continues to change my life as I learn more and more about God’s deep love for his people.

Making the Most of Our Time

We live in a culture that is consumed by how we use our time, where everyone seems to be on a treadmill running to fill every spare minute. As God’s people, how are we to use our time? In Ephesians 5:15-16, Paul instructs us to make the best use of time, which is not as difficult as we might think.

Patched Potholes 

Harsh winter conditions led to some rough roads last year. It had me considering the different repair options – patches or repaving. Sin is destructive as well, and can leave some bad scars. Can we patch those ourselves, or has someone already repaved the road for us?  

The Boundlessness of God   

 Do you ever get depressed at the brevity of life? Frustrated by your lack of control? Disheartened because of your past sins? The last chapter of John gives us much reason to take heart: the boundlessness of Jesus more than makes up for all our human limitations. 

Take A Stand

For many “taking a stand” can mean subtly referencing your Christian faith, but as believers, we are called to more than that- gracious and clear gospel conversations. In an age when Christians are poorly represented by the media, how will people know what defines us if we do not speak up?

The Unclean Become Clean 

In Mark's gospel, he paints a contrast between the clean and the unclean. Jesus judges the unclean, although they may not be who you expect, and cleanses those who humbly come to him. Mark wants his readers to realize that they themselves are unclean and that only Jesus can make them clean.

Count It All Joy 

“Count it all joy…” What if that doesn’t come easily or naturally? What if my circumstances are just too hard? Yes, even then we can find joy, if we will look to the source. 

Racial Reconciliation Is A Gospel Issue

Although racial reconciliation isn't an easy subject to tackle, it's nonetheless an important subject for Christians to address. It's an issue that concerns the heart of Jesus - and so it concerns each of us.  Cynthia’s workshop at Verity Forum will delve into this important issue. Read on to get a taste of what to expect from her in the Unity and Dignity track. 

Out with the Old, In with the New

We all want to be better. We long to get rid of our faults and become improved versions of ourselves. That’s why many of us make resolutions each New Year’s. But today let’s consider this: Believers have a solid assurance of renewal in Christ. If you’d like encouragement in this truth, read on in today’s post. 

Peace on Earth?

Promises of freedom, joy, and peace sung about this time of year can feel like a mocking song when we look at the heartache around us. So are these promises kept and how do we see Christmas today? 

The Nearly Forgotten Holiday 

Thanksgiving. It’s all about the food, right? Or maybe about the shopping? Every year it seems to come and go with less fanfare than the year before. But what if we choose to embrace it as the perfect way to kick off the advent season? How can we make Thanksgiving all about what God has done? 

Ministry Fraud 

Do you ever feel totally unqualified or ill-equipped for the ministry God has entrusted to you? Do you ever wonder if others feel the same way? Take heart, you are not alone. And maybe being unqualified isn’t as bad as you think…

Not All Pain is Gain

Conviction and condemnation. Do you find it easy to confuse the two? Both feel terrible, but they’re very different. Understanding what Scripture says about them equips us to follow Jesus with perseverance and joy.

Does Always Mean Always?

We all could use a little more joy throughout our day. Sometimes it’s easy to obey Paul’s command to “rejoice always”, but sometimes this broken life gets the better of us. What did Paul mean, and how can we put it into practice?