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Recommended Resource: One-to-One Bible Reading

When we are discipling other people, sometimes we don’t know where to start. This can be even truer when we’re trying to train people to disciple others. We know we want to start with the Bible, but how? How do we read the Bible with someone and train others to do the same?

Enter One-to-One Bible Reading by David Helm.

Welcome to the Verity Fellowship Blog

This blog is a hopeful endeavor. We dream that it will be another conduit of resources, training, and encouragement between our two annual events each fall and spring. At our first conference, we were overjoyed by the large gathering of women and encouraged by the excitement for training and resources. More questions were submitted than we could answer. Requests for more book recommendations and workshops made us giddy. If you were at our conference, you know we love to talk about books. And who doesn’t love a good, practical workshop? Yet the Verity Forum on May 7th feels far enough away, that we didn’t want to wait that long. *Enter the Verity Blog* ...