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Not All Pain is Gain

Conviction and condemnation. Do you find it easy to confuse the two? Both feel terrible, but they’re very different. Understanding what Scripture says about them equips us to follow Jesus with perseverance and joy.

I've Told My Child the Gospel, Now What?

Should we think about sharing the gospel with someone we meet on a plane and our children in the same way? Usually not. We have an ongoing relationship with the children in our lives and they are maturing over time. It's helpful to keep a few principles in mind when speaking the good news to children. 

How to Pick a Workshop

You have a choice coming up- what workshop to attend at the Verity Fall Conference. We're telling you now that it may be a hard choice, so we wanted to help prepare you with a few things to consider as you look ahead.

What to Expect from Fall Conference

You probably know that Susan Jahns in our plenary speaker for our coming conference. What you may not know is her love for Jesus, her passion for understanding how the Bible points to him, or the heartfelt prayers she is praying for you. When we asked Susan if she’d like to write a letter welcoming you to register for conference, she jumped at the chance. As you’ll see, the reasons we chose her are obvious.

Fall Conference is Coming

Right now, summer stretches ahead of us, full of freedom and adventures. But before you know it, back-to-school sales will start, there will be a nip in the air, and it will be time for Verity’s Fall Conference. Even now, you should plan space in your schedule to attend. Let me tell you why.