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Looking for Listening Leads?

Whether you're a multitasker looking for more audio input while you work or you're just longing to hear the workshops at Verity Forum that you missed, we've got you covered. Here's a taste of what people are saying about the workshops that are now online.

From Nuggets to Feast: My Bible Study Journey

We all need the truth from Scripture ministered to us in a way that impacts our real lives.  But what's the best way to approach the Bible?  Close your eyes and pick randomly?  Return to your favorites verses, but leave the rest untouched?  Arianne shares her journey of how she learned to study the Bible in the most helpful way.

Three Reasons to Seek Training

Remember when you excitedly got the latest devotional that everyone's reading? But something wasn't quite right. Perhaps it said that Jesus wanted you to have everything in this life. Maybe it wasn't really grounded in Scripture. Or it seemed to be just a list of "how to's." The truth is, we all need to be trained to know the Bible well so that we can identify counterfeits and teach the truth to others.  Here are three benefits you'll gain from further training.

Why We Lead "Valuable Bible Study"

What do you want for the people you lead more than anything else? What motivates what you're doing? If you want what we want, then valuable Bible study will top the list of ministry to-dos, because of what we believe about the Bible, community, and transformation.

Why "Discipleship For All"

As Christians, every single one of us can look back on our lives and identify individuals who have helped us be disciples of Jesus.  There's the person who first brought you the gospel, or the one who walked with you when you were struggling with sin, or the friend who comforted you in a season of suffering.  You and I are also called by God to help others follow Jesus.  Here are three reasons why and an opportunity to learn more at Verity Forum.

You’re Not Alone- Standing By You

One of the hardest parts of ministry is that it can be so lonely.  It often seems like no one understands your particular struggles or the way it feels to help shoulder the burdens of others.  Jesus knew this and gave us a great gift - each other.  At Verity Forum this May, we are going to connect you with women who are ministering just like you are.  You're not alone; we'll stand with you.

Inviting You to the Verity Forum

We are so excited to be together with you at the Verity Forum on May 7th. And it's not just for the book giveaways! (Those we love those.) The extravaganza of workshops will offer ideas, the teaching will bring encouragement, and the small groups will bring wisdom and support. Registration begins February 15th!