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Verity Forum 2017- The Rundown

What a wonderful day together at Verity Forum 2017. We loved being together, talking about Jesus, and digging into ministry and the Scriptures. Are you ready for our conference in the fall? We cannot wait!

"What Is Verity All About?"

"So... what exactly does Verity do?" It's a common question, and even those very familiar with Verity Fellowship can stumble to answer. Let me tell you how it all fits together, even with our variety of tracks on Saturday.

6 Reasons to Come on May 6

Are you still looking for a reason to sign up for Verity Forum? There are so many to offer, but here are 6 of our favorites.  Read more about why you and your friends should sign up as fast as you can to join us on May 6th.

The Day the Snow Won

We were supposed to gather on Saturday. But that didn’t happen when three days before, more than 12 inches of snow decided come and to stay for a while. Our plans for forum were buried but not our anticipation of meeting again. Read on to learn of the new date and how the decision to postpone forum unfolded. 

Theology and Creativity: God Cares about Creativity

Have you ever felt guilty about caring about creativity when it feels like you should study the Bible? Or perhaps you don’t feel like you have a creative bone in your body? What we know about God from Scripture destroys these false thoughts and gives hope for the place where creativity and theology come together.

The Practicals of Ministry

Do you long for your ministry to be less about you and more about Jesus? Learn what kind of foundational principles can change the way you minister in Bible study, children's ministry and discipleship.

Verity Forum: Equipping in the Bible

What is Verity Forum and why does Verity talk so much about Biblical interpretation? Learn the answers to these questions and more. Grow in expectation for the upcoming forum based on practical workshops designed to help you grasp the true meaning of Scripture while reaching the heart of women.