The Verity Fellowship exists to encourage and equip women to use Scripture well.

Three Reasons to Seek Training

Three Reasons to Seek Training

As politically incorrect as it is to say that the Bible can be taught wrongly, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s true. I’m sure you’ve seen the consequences in the pain of the prosperity gospel or the confusion after other false teaching. Perhaps you’ve witnessed it when powerless principles are pulled from a text out of context. When this happens, the Bible is unintentionally stripped of its life-changing strength and leaves listeners with no hope and no reason to return.

The Scripture is not taught solely on a Sunday morning from the pulpit of your church.

Of course, the Scripture is not taught solely on a Sunday morning from the pulpit of your church. Its use echoes through a church body in conversations, Bible studies, children’s lessons, and other speaking times. Men and women in your church are using it to minister to others in some way or another. You are likely using it one some way or another.

How you use the Bible communicates a great deal. Your understanding of interpretation, the main message of the Bible, and how to teach it affects how you talk about truth to your kids, how you teach Sunday School, how you lead a Bible study. The effect flows into the lives of those around you, so the significance of your methods is amplified into lives and a community.

Perhaps you’ve taken classes. You’ve been mentored. You’ve been teaching for years. I have. Yet, I find there is still so much to learn, so much I need to return to so that my teaching is centered and full of the life-giving gospel.

No matter what your skill, here’s three truths to consider as you think about further training.

1. God Has Called You to Labor In the Kingdom

You are called to be a disciple of Jesus. As a disciple, part of your inheritance is the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and gifting. What grace God gives! In this grace, you have good works that God has put before you, and as a disciple, you’re called to make disciples. You have passions, wisdom, insight, and power from Jesus to live out.  Further biblical training will spur you on them to use your gifts for Jesus’s glory, since in all of these you will use what you know from God’s word.

2. Training Empowers and Protects You

When asked to do something you don’t know how to do, there can be varied responses-- panic, over-confidence, frustration, or just fleeing for your life.  Everyone needs help to know how to do the things we know the Scriptures are calling us to do—things like discipling younger women in the church, pouring into our children, speaking the gospel truth to those in our community, leading a Bible study, or teaching the Bible to others. Talking about the ministry task in the abstract is encouraging but doesn’t necessarily help anyone take the next step. Training takes us by the hand and empowers us to use the gifts God has graciously and powerfully given!

Training also protects. There is a multitude of material marketed towards Christian women for spiritual growth and equipping.  Unfortunately, much of it is only valuable as a kindling booster for your firepit.  The truth is that it is dangerous if taken as serious reading material because of how it teaches to use the Bible. Yet, training in how to use the Bible well will enable them to discern good content from bad.  This protects us and the people to whom we minister. It builds up the theological framework you’ve already received in church because it gives examples of how to use that framework practically.

3. Training Will Make You a Better Servant

You probably do countless tasks and sacrificial acts to honor your Lord and minister to others. Still, further training will either commission you to new tasks of discipleship and ministry or help you grow in those areas. As we are equipped to use the Bible better, we are given tools and power by the Spirt for our own lives and those around us. You will serve, encourage, and provide fresh insights as you see the gospel as central to all of Scripture and all of life. And you will see Jesus honored as you continue to obey the charge to labor in the Kingdom.

Verity Forum

So, you’re excited to add to your biblical capacity and Biblical methodology. So what next?

A good place to start is Verity Forum.

Training women is the heart behind the Verity Fellowship and our coming event Verity Forum. Verity exists “to encourage and equip women to use the Scriptures well.” The event on May 7th held at Western Seminary, is packed with workshops on discipleship, Bible studies, teaching, and gospel ministry. In an effort to lower any boundary that would keep women from coming, Verity Forum costs only $20 if you register before April 26th.

Whether you’re an expert or young in faith, seek out training to use the Bible with your gifts and callings. Do it at Verity or somewhere else. You and I have been charged to communicate God’s message to the world. Let’s do it well.

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