Mary Willson's Plenary Sessions on Deuteronomy

Mary Willson's Plenary Sessions on Deuteronomy


Mary Willson delivered three content-packed, uplifting, and challenging messages at the Verity Fellowship 2017 Conference on October 7-8 in Portland, OR. She brought depth and insight into the passages as an Old Testament scholar, challenging us to think about Moses' sermons in light of the whole Bible. She taught us how to see God's grace in Deuteronomy and exhorted us to walk with this God of grace who has offered us life in Jesus Christ. We believe you learn much about the Bible and about your God as you watch these videos.

If you attended the conference, you may want to watch these again, and I know many of us want to send them on to friends.

The three sessions you purchase access to are:

Session 1- Deuteronomy 1, Renewing Grace for Rebel Hearts

Session 2- Deuteronomy 5:1-6:3, Defining the Relationship

Session 3- Deuteronomy 29-30, A Matter of Life and Death

Each 50 minute session unpacks the passage of Deuteronomy and its meaning to the people of Israel who heard it from Moses, leads us through interpretation from our place in the New Covenant, and calls us to apply the text to our own lives. You will be loving Deuteronomy after this!


Terms of Use: We are able to sell access to the plenary sessions from the Verity Conference but not the full digital media and rights to redistribute the videos. Thus, you will be able to watch the videos as often as you would like if you purchase this and may even purchase it for a friend or to show a group, but we ask you not to redistribute to others or post the links or passwords online.

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