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Past Events: Verity Forum 2016

Verity Forum 2016, held on May 7th, was a powerful time of training, networking, and encouragement. Johnson Chapel at Western Seminary filled with women eager to serve and connect with others. The day was saturated with content pointing us to Jesus. 

We heard two short messages focusing our leadership on serving like Jesus and encouraging us that the ministry work is worth every effort. You can listen to those messages below. We have also made most of our workshop sessions and handouts, available below. We hope you will benefit from these resources.

Main Session Downloads

Taylor Turkington 

Workshop Tracks, Titles, and Speakers:

We had four practical workshop tracks full of Jesus-centered sessions. Each track has 3 (or 4 in the case of Discipleship) workshops following the track theme. Click the photo of the speaker to see the description, speaker bio, and media downloads.

Teaching the Bible

Discipleship for All

Quality Bible Study

Gospel Ministry for Each Heart

Blog Posts about Verity Forum:

Inviting You to the Verity Forum